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Rights are just as a political well it's a political thing has nothing to do what I may not playing at and it's not selling well because the temperatures are not are not getting hotter than getting cooler over that's because the clothes shop it's not about global warming it's not it's not about that at all so shut your mouth please shut up and do something rather than virtue signalling with your little hash tag I made strides gag yeah I've been so sick of it got over the weekend that we have this Aline hurricane hitting at sad about that Jane shot up you don't have a a cyclone bomb or a bomb cycle recycle genesis happening over Arizona do you realize that in central Arizona they had three tornadoes touch down I think was like last week a tornadoes in central Arizona you know why because someone is **** with the weather they're taking the hot prepares or they're mixing with the goal and it creating inland hurricanes here on the west coast yeah we're all arguing whether or not climate change will will be will be better if we have a green socialist government shot up shut up and do something besides your little hash tag virtue signalling I'm getting so fed up with it because people are are experiencing these things are going well I just have to believe it's global warming what can I do about it not saying you can't do a damn thing about it you know why this has nothing to do with global warming has everything to do with geo engineering which queue engineering so fighting over the branding of climate change is ridiculous because the true evil is being overlooked the arguments a science consensus should be enough to shut it down but it isn't sign is becoming political advocates and no one notices this is sick and twisted thing is that there are people who actually believe this nonsense I may follow for common core school curriculums to support end of the world brainwashing to scare kids into believing there is no.

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