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And let's bring him in right now brought to you by our friends from Gold Coast tickets coach, I I don't know if you heard my comment just now it's really what it was a high level game certainly a high intensity game. What in your opinion change this game it Oklahoma? Well, we had a wide open three win the game in regulation. You know, we thought we battled. We we ran a great set. We had a pin down her best shooter with a wide open shot. I mean few to giving me that this afternoon. We just didn't make it, you know. So that it was dad, and then it was little throwing three three flyers in. So we can we can analyze all. We want about you know, this possession that possession. But sometimes both teams get pretty good shots and one team ends up making an obviously do little getting those three baskets and overtime. I mean that was the difference. We we missed a one to one we had a one point lead. We missed a one and one that would've put us up three. I thought we had really good looks thought we competed. I thought we battled in just give Oklahoma credit. You know, they they made some big plays in overtime in one game. He defended that last four seconds of regulation. That was terrific. And then big comes up with the ball. Look like you wanted him to to take a timeout room. And I could have communicated that better. I'm not gonna put throw him under the bus for that. I I should've I should've told those guys they knew had a time out. But I. You know, I could have been a little bit more clear if you were able to get a quick steel in the front court. I wanted a quick one. But I mean that wasn't why we lost the game. We got to stop. We've got to overtime. You're at home. You have five minutes. We actually hit the first shot. You know, you go up three. Yeah. We just got it. We got to get a little bit. We gotta get a little bit better. In those situations. You know, guys. I mean, I I really feel that were a very good basketball team that very well could be sitting here eleven in one, you know. But that's that's not what reality is. You know, I think a coach said one time, you are what your record says you are in so right now, we're eight and four with three really excruciating awesome style level teams. And we gotta take a couple of days off here for the holidays. Let the guys get home. Let them get their legs and come back, and hopefully all of us will have a determination to to find a way in these close games to pull him out coaches any of this linger in their mind. Do you think I mean with the break is coming at a good time put it behind starting to because like you say you play. I mean, Indiana, Michigan and Oklahoma you toss a coin had gone either way. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. It's going to linger until you meet meet it on head on, you know, it's like anything you gotta face things that hold you back from being successful in life. You got to have courage. You gotta have belief, and you gotta meet it head on. And you gotta tackle it. So that's what we have to do because. Yeah, it is in our minds. We have been in three just unbelievable high level games against terrific teams. And we've come up a possession short on in all those games in. So until we meet it head on and find a way to get over the hump it will linger, and it's something we're going to have to deal with going forward. I mean, we're sitting over here. We know that you're good team by watching it do they know they're good team. I think they do. I think there's frustration. I think there's anger in the locker room. I mean, we came here tonight to win the game. We believed we could win a thought we had a good game plan in a we. We held a terrific scorer two five for twenty one shooting. Give their guy some credit. You know, some guy stepped up me. And I thought I thought obviously Callixte he made a couple of big baskets late in regulation. I thought Oldham's when they were on the ropes in the first half. I thought Oldham's really kept him afloat with thirteen points. And then down the stretch do little with three buckets and overtime. So you know, that's good teams do, and that's what we're going to have to continue to as we move forward as you said, you're at home, great home crowd tonight. Could you guys sense that on the bench? Yeah. I mean, our building has been terrific are fans. Thank you for coming out. You know, we've had the depaul game. The Michigan game this game three high level games. I mean, our fans have helped us they're giving us energy there in the fight with us. It's to a college basketball is about it's nice to it's nice to have a home-court advantage that that we believe in. And I know our guys really appreciate everybody's support. Coach thanks as always for your time. Happy holidays to you and your family, and we'll we'll catch you just in about a week. Yes. Same to everybody else out there. Happy holidays. And you know, woke we'll keep at it. We're going to get to work and we'll find a way here in the second half of the season. No doubt about it..

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