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Starting to form, and they were kind of starting to steamroll the whole time and basically once Russell and Jeff had their altercation about the whole. Thing in the veto competition, Jeff kind of got put on the other side and just got as many people as he could scrounge up to help him out. But the fact of the matter was Jesse side just kept winning H. Just picking them off because there was no real need to do anything other than that, and then by the only time that the other top team had our Romney had completely blown up everything and it was just A. A complete hot mess, and it was just an obvious target allowing that sides real power structure, not really deal with much adversity early on. So tyranny in this first month of the game is Kevin sort of part of what Jesse has going on because I remember that Kevin was allies with Lydia, and then I, remember Lydia being upset when Jesse is going to go out. So it's Kevin on a like the periphery of what Jesse is doing. Yes, he's kind kind of included in that group. especially at the start, like it was very much like there was a big split at the very the very first week between. Brayden, and Chima, which which person were they going to vote? Kevin was very firmly on he. We get out Brayden side of things There's actually been a clip circulating recently. Reminding everyone of some of the things that Brian was saying and how Kevin was standing up to him. For being being racist and that's where she was. Eviction speech came into play where she. Basically, because she was on the live show, they couldn't stop her. She just went ahead and talked about what Brandon said, and they literally like censored her in in the live speech. It's. It's. It's this whole season is is a mess. Tom. Anyway. So yeah, he was with those. He was with that side of things, but he was never firmly locked in member of that crew as far as I. Remember, he was a lot more of like an individual player. He was. He was pretty close to Lydia. Re loyal to Lydia. But but beyond that, I, think that he was riding with the side that was going to be able to keep him say okay, Riley of. The, huge moment from big brother eleven that I'm sure a lot of people remember is when big jeff gets the CUDI TA and uses it on Shema's H. O. Oh to change the nominations. Jesse, Natalie. Up on the block. Jesse ends up going home, and then afterwards, Shema ends up not taking that. Great. She's removed from the house following the coup data. It's a major turning point in the season. Can you just describe a how it affected? Kevin, in terms of. Where things go from there. I think it was a massive detriment to Kevin moving forward. Because at the time, he was kind of on the outskirts of the power structure. But he wasn't necessarily loyal to them. He was. In good personally with everyone, but not very good in gamewise with. People wanted to keep them around as long as possible, and the fact that Russell got saved that Jesse went out was massively detrimental because even though both of them needed to go pretty soon for him, the fact that it was, Jesse. Who is someone who was going to keep him safe and on the side of the power would have bought him more time an effort for the other side's energy's going up against. Jesse versus going up against Lydia, when they next had their power and then Shema getting. Ejected also just makes it so that so much of the power on the other side of the house, he was kind of in one side and kind of once I, got decimated just by that one move, and thus he was kind of forced more. So onto that side of the house because when he was on the middle and that side kind of got removed Jeff is not particularly known as a player who's willing to work with other people. He's kind of you're on my team. If you're not on my team, I don't care and thus he. He wasn't on Jeff's team and Jeff Gotten so much more power. So then Kevin had to do so much more work like the move that he eventually does to get rid of. Russell, he has to do so much more work to get himself back into a better position. If he didn't have to do that were, he could have used that all of that time and all of that social capital that he built up to put himself into an even better position than he was in at that point Cam I do remember from the time that. Kevin had some really funny moments in the season after the departure of Jesse where I believe it's Lydia and Shema were. Really. Just sort of trying to comfort each other about the loss of Jesse and how upset they were, and they're being like really really over the top in terms of like what a great Guy Jesse was, and he really had some funny diary rooms about he's not dead. Yeah. It was so funny like I like Kevin because he was like pretty much like not afraid to say exactly what I was thinking in in his darkroom sessions like I feel like Jesse was like someone date. They all loved. It wasn't a great game by any means, but I think he was like the glue that like made everything stick like always trying to rein in Lydia because you know Lydia Natalie like a both love Jesse in a love triangle which I don't understand. Why that was happening, they should have just worked together from the star instead kind of trying to kill each other eight time they got. I think Kevin Likes. He played its Marlin gotta just let them do their thing and was like you're not gonNA get in the middle of this because I mean you gotta let things work itself out in I. Think if the Khuttan thing didn't happen I think it'd been really interesting how things would have played off on because I think they would have been set up in a good spot. But I. Think Shema Colleges Dosage Westwood. Why I duNno, it's still Kinda just irritates me because I think it just. I. Think they overreacted like under. They should have just kicked her out for what you did. But I think we'll never really know the full reason why she actually left I. Don't know if Y'all know. Yet, could we talk a little bit more about that for people who don't know that I'm sure they people have really heard stories, Shema? Somebody who got a victim from from what I remember that it was that she? Threw her battery pack in the pool because she was upset with production over the. But is there. Is there any other part of that story that's been? Speculated about the as I as I mentioned before she was definitely somebody that. Sheaf, she has I I have I haven't like I don't know exactly what she said, but I believe she has mentioned something along the lines of like, yeah. They really hated me after that speech that I made in week one calling out the racism. And they try to censor me about it and they gave me a talking to and so. then. She was eight age and the Cudi talk came into effect I. Believe she was not allowed to vote. She was dethroned and then she was not allowed to compete in the following H. Is there like she was just completely screwed over and she felt very like targeted. I think. In. Then she was put up on the block by Michelle, who won the age the following week. And she was like, this is just nonsense. And so she ends up Throwing her microphone into the pool or the Jacuzzi whichever it was. And they they used that as a way to say, okay, you're done. You're gone. Year you're kicked out, but she always felt like. You know some like if jeff had thrown his microphone into the pool. Jeff have been kicked out of the game. Probably not. So it's definitely one of those situations. It's like this This.

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