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That A lot of not all but a lot of undergrad programs. They don't teach you about the business of acting technique and bad and always kind of stuff and traffic is important. But i think that you know there's like they also create this exciting. It makes everything so precious and all these kids. You'd so worried. All my hair is my character. She point takes the finest neurotic some perspective that they're just talked. Are you guys to new york. Yes we do. Have you ever been to pearl studios ever experienced anything more at home. I walk walk the halls of pearl studio awesome. God god i want to feel better about yourself. Jiminy christmas dude. I've gone to twenty times. I'm seeing waiting stretchy on our scale. Nice now right right i. i'm with you one hundred percent you know. We're we're launching. This thing called working actor pro and our is trauma schoolteachers to how to act. We teach you how to make a living at it. You'd ask the business of it to make it as a living. You don't learn that in college. You learned you need you learn technique and that's all well and good but what i saw when i went to. New york is in workshops with people who were names on those broadway stages who walked into a film and tv audition in a krakauer or at ted sloop mirsky and they didn't know what the hell they were doing. They don't know how to do their taxes. They don't know about side jobs. Don't know how to thrive. They don't know how to run their own business as a business with them being a product and the sort of idea that this business is commercial. And when you understand that and you accept that really hard reality. It's easier because when you're in a show and it ends. It doesn't hit you hard. You know that that show ended because of money when my when my episode got i got written down to two scenes instead of five for a guest star that that didn't matter about that wasn't in my talent that that did that. It wasn't that they didn't like me was the fact that they needed to save thirty. Five thousand dollars so instead of shooting the scene they wrote it out and exposition knowing about that commercially in the business end of it. Kind of takes a takes neurotic. Is my hair perfect kind of way about that perspective. It takes it down saying. Hey it's just money. I didn't get it because i'm five two and the other actors six one and you know we've we've mentioned this before there's a there's a reason for everything in it's not about you about you in it's also dislike in again. That's that's powerful that you get to do the audition you get you get to do the thing. That's the only thing you can control. You leave like you might be the fucking best accurate gun fucking die. Tommy was. I was so fucking good but you know he's got he's got this like a red hair. It's sometimes comes in shirt very. He's got strawberry blonde hair. But i wanna and the guy blatch you came you. It's utterly out of your control. Literally everybody just gets by sides on fire right. I everyone gets caught up on. You know oh. I was rejected and i'm not talented end a lot of times. It just has to do with things you have no control over. It could be a whole list of shit. That has nothing to do with your audition or how good you are at. Sometimes it is shit like that. Well we just want somebody a little bit taller or we want somebody a little bit shorter or we have the scene in all. These people look like this. Why don't we bring somebody who who different like. Mix up the you know what i mean like. You can't yeah anything with in all also the idea that it is a business. So if i'm in a market and things aren't rolling well maybe it's the wrong market for me as a product of my if my product is out there in the market in. It's not doing well. What about trying another market. If i look like this and act like this into this type of medium. Well maybe i'm not in the right market for this type of medium. The way that i looked competition. That's currently there. There are people who been in new york for eight years and they don't get much under oath anything other than under-fives then they moved to l. a. and boom guest. Boom guest are wild because they look a certain way because they're not in the theater town it's it's about running a business and knowing there are dips. This isn't it isn't that i haven't booked in a year. 'cause i'm not good. It's well this is my dip year and to understand the ebbs and flows of this business. You stick it in and it's all about staying around as the business algorithm. Who told you some great people or a game. So many wonderful exhibits of advice was remember but Oh oh this He ed since passed away But i did a reading 'em how to regional theatre. Where i i gotta colleagues are gilbert. He's a cedar maker director actor based headed more jersey. Incredible a great minutes giving some to the city to like. He's great dude but he told me one time it was like that. Stick it out because there are ebbs and flows like you said in the point where you're going to be thirty something thirty five whatever and then you're not gonna necessarily quite got what is that. Is that that cool of of that pool of talent that you were in college. It was here. No it's here because a lot of people asked a lot of police allowed you know in the pool does way get smaller and you to get out. The opportunities are gonna come. You know as you get older you know. I mean the case unfortunately majeste for men in but i think we're at a time now. That case is becoming better is happening for women. Discriminating in age you know in that aspect of unfortunate happens to a lot of women's you know but i think now it's becoming more clues to the everybody.

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