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7 10 W O R Voice of New York and I Heart radio stations Way have 82 degrees. Mostly clear skies at one o'clock. Good morning. I'm Steve Greenfield, The Queen's pastor, is under arrest after allegedly receiving child pornography from a minor in White Plains and exchanging sexually explicit text messages. 65 year old Frances used was taken into custody yesterday, and prosecutors say he told the 15 year old boy he was a part time college professor and a councillor. Hughes now faces a charge of receipt and distribution of child pornography. He could receive up to 20 years behind bars. Mayor de Blasio says the cops should have chosen a different time in place to affect the arrest of a woman who was at a protest. James Flipping is more mayor. Commenting on Tuesday night's arrest of Nicky Stone, who allegedly had previously damaged police cameras near City Hall. Plainclothes cops picked her up during a Manhattan protest. There's a lot of powerful ways to make an impact without damaging any property damage property, it will lead to consequences, although the mayor admits it's the warrant squad's job to take people accused of crimes into custody. He called for a different approach, given concerns some have with the response to violent protests and riots in places like Portland That just didn't make sense. Not in the middle of an ongoing protests. James Flippen w O R knew the name of the protester was Nicky Stone. Staten Island Family is mourning after their dog, the first in the country to test positive from Corona virus is now dead. The six year old German shepherd named Buddy Started having breathing problems in middle of August weeks later, after someone finally agreed to evaluate the animal for the respiratory illness, his test came back positive on Easter Sunday. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Back in the hospital. ABC is Mark re Malard reports and a statement. A spokesperson for the Supreme Court said Ginsberg underwent a minimally invasive liver procedure at a hospital in New York City. The Supreme Court Justice had tohave a bile duct stent revised that was originally placed by the hospital in August 2019. The statement said. The procedure is common and was done to minimize the risk of future infection. She's expected to remain in the hospital through the end of the week. Margaret Malard ABC News New York, The commander in chief is providing an explanation for the withdrawal of nearly 12,000 U. S. Service members and Germany President Trump Tweeted. One of the reasons is the Germany hasn't paid its feed to NATO. The president has been met with criticism from both sides of the aisle for this move, it doesn't look like a new Corona virus relief bill will be ready any time soon More from Mark Mayfield, the White House says both sides are still far apart on a lot of issues and nowhere close to a deal. Democrats had hoped to extend the $600 weekly unemployment benefits, which expire on Friday. Republicans are against that, saying it gives some reason not to go backto work..

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