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45, let's get the update now. Here's Dave Johnson. You know my mom always said it's a thinking that gets you the trouble. Yeah, it's all in the mind and think about when things are going well. Like for the capitals of what 7 of 8 games, Darcy Kemper? Yeah, it's in the mind. You know, being able to get a few wins in her O string those together kind of builds the confidence you serve to get in that winning feeling back. I think just going out there almost expecting to win if you do things the right way and that's huge for a group and we just got to keep building off that. See what I mean? Believe it achieve it now Darcy Kemper back from entry could start tonight if not it'll start tomorrow and up against the jets. And yes, Alex Ovechkin sitting on 800 goals, they play the senators tonight in Ottawa. Now, commanders sending four to the Pro Bowl. Jonathan Allen, Terry mclaurin, butter dress way, and specialty with Jeremy Reeves. Men's college basketball, Virginia tech lost to Boston college. George Mason lost by one old dominion, Howard and other winner of melt saint Mary's Marilyn women defeated Purdue, Fort Wayne, to the wizards, and has Bradley built a company that got rid of that Ted gave losing streak play the jazz tonight. You know, we've been playing with a good basketball. It wasn't. It's not moving in blown out, it's not things are just coming beating a lot of us, you know. We're losing a lot of close games, you notice a few plays here in it, which is how to clean up. Or did you like the World Cup? Well, FIFA reportedly was talking about stage in every three years instead of every four years. Dave Johnson, you tell me sports. It's 7 47, now and you know him best for his colorful reporting on TV. And his iconic snow measuring stick. Yeah, legendary NBC four reporter in D.C. native pack Collins is calling it a career. After 36 years with our news partner in more than four decades in journalism, Colin signed off for the final time last night. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Thank you for watching my stories on TV. And good news always. Yeah, good news always. Collins retirement comes one month after NBC four's longtime anchor during gensler step down, she was with the station for 33 years. A Harriet Tubman statue recently lent to an Annapolis museum by a Baltimore gallery was defaced over the weekend. The capital gazette reporting workers at the banneker Douglas museum say a beaded staff that Tubman figure held in its left hand has apparently been stolen. Police have been notified the Annapolis museum will be closed while the thief rather than the theft is investigated. 2022 has been the year of Harriet Tubman in Maryland, the famed hero of The Underground Railroad was born into slavery 200 years ago on Maryland's eastern

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