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For the first time and everyone. Everyone's so happy that it's it's had its impact. There's a real. It's the it's the applause at the end of a played. You went to see where your best friends on stage just so happy for. It's just amazing robot. I could talk to you about this literally. Oh debut to save if the podcast being fourteen hours long. Sounds like a lot of editing. Oh my goodness no no toll. I actually think. I'm gonna keep senate just think it's such an interesting chat to where and it would be so interesting to see also other people thanking and highly few if. They haven't seen this before after the watcher would be. I would love to know so vulgar at thank you so so much have been amazing. And like i said i will link your your. Ac blue in the early encourage everybody to go and make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and just give yourself some time to to work your way through at says so interesting and of course this as the jobs. Our history podcast. I do have one final question for you but my question is why is art important. Okay well we talked a little bit about how artists subjected so. I think i have to talk about why artists important to me and as an art historian a. I have a specific perspective on this to me. It's important because it catches a difference sometimes contradictory snapshot of a moment in time like the history books. They record one thing but our can tell us something else. And art can convey the feeling. And i think that's what we've been talking about quite a bit. The feeling the mood and the executives of a period in time more so than any text or historical time line can so i would say is important to me because it completes the pitcher and and it shows the human in history on my goodness. I love that shows us the human. Well done beautifully answered. I must say because it's quite difficult question and just kind of get through or not you robart. Where can people faint. You and what. You're up to Well i'm like you an historian. I'm a freelance writer. And i specialize in fashion which you may have guessed are now and so everything from medieval embroidery victorian kremlin's and ninety s catwalks of the nineties. And hopefully be able to share some specialist insights. As you've mentioned. I've got my article at the moment on the fashion studies journal. But you can also follow me on instagram at robert. J w mccaffrey lovely and you have a website is where over a link at the low end the show robert you have been amazing and once again. Thank you for opening my eyes to. That's amazing realm of alexander mcqueen and where art and fashion. Usual doing this podcast. I think it's so nice to hear people talk about that passions. Thank you and you know what. I'm really really loving it because i just think people are so interesting. Everyone has their own thing that they want to solve the room. Jump out and i think that needs to be celebrated an art shouldn't be thing where it's for the few ours. Everybody and i'm just loving. I'm learning so much during this. And i hope people listening are as well but robert thank you so much and i would love to have you back to talk. The melancholy few enjoyed yourself here today. I absolutely did an absolutely will amazing at robert. Thank you so much you have been fob. I thank you so much bye and there you have at the end of another episode of the joys. Art history podcast. I would just like to seek a moment here to thank you once again for coming on and speaking so enthusiastically and passionately about mcqueen the sublime and of course collection thirteen or is really thoroughly. Encourage you to the show. Notes not only watch the presentation also resorts pay on the fashioned studies journal s so interesting and as stated the anti welcome back front overbrook. Melancholy and the fabulous collection was peloton which we touched on very briefly. Podcast leave a link to that as well because it's really not wanting to be messed and let's say it's are myself having to slick walk very briskly in my living room just to try to walk off the energy. It's really incredible. And i really hope you enjoyed this episode. I learned lots and researching for this and also from wilbur who speaks so fabulously. I'm joy only to record. Even exiting really didn't have to do figures just saw an say's on used of the spoken. And i'm sure you will agree with me if he's enjoyed the podcast. Please make sure that you like rate and subscribe and while you've been listening. Thank you know someone. That would be interested in hearing roberts alexandra maclean then please do feel free to pass. Auden would be lovely to get more people listening to a podcast. He likes to touch. You're very welcome to email joys. Art history achino dot com. Or you can feign me on instagram. At joy's art. History where i post dewey.

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