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Or just go online to search for individual nonprofit organisations in shelters throughout florida thank you for your help and support the fact 9 out alive nature of him for a pneumatic many you remain supported because apples doing whatever apples dealing with that model the wiz parts me i guess was the tree in asmant of the eye macro which won't ship until december which i guess dental no one by as a kid back unless there as loss for it i was never in the market for that i do not need a desktop the powerful the thick night on saturday evening seven to ten of the money station we are all about business and we're always on your money station am 1410 kbnp in a canadian dog walker could not have survived over two days in the wilderness without the help of her border collie a boxer and a puddle and that poitras 56 walked was walking three dogs in british columbia backcountry country when she fell injured herself and lost your phone she was rescued two days later her husband said the three dogs help which was stay alive during the ordeal her cell poythress told global news that his wife and three dogs akali name clo a boxer name roxie and above a the pug of legal mixed took care of each other two days and two nights with no supplies and periods of torrential rain mr poitras said anat put her coat over oxy the shorthaired boxer to keep the button that keeps the dog warm she also watched one of the dogs dig a hole in the undergrowth to sleep in and did the same one of them i'm was cuddling her and one of them was on guard and the other one was looking for food he said uh uh uh the dogs did not leave her side over a hundred searchers come the wilderness near eagle mountain to try and find mrs poitras after her husband reported her missing two helicopters were also used in the search some rescuers finally heard faint cries for help and lied barking and track down the small group in an area described as the mounties as well as outside the normal trail system the rescue teams said she was alive and in good condition he says they are looking forward to peace quiet dog locks and visiting family now the ordeal is for free information visit talking petscom and join.

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