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All righty. He's he tommy. Hi adam it's so good to see you when we've got a lovely lovely today. I'm very very excited. Because for those listening we're starting a new series director series the rusted talk to up and coming directors successful directors. People have been on sets Over the years of their professional careers to talk about the relationship with actors the audition process. What to expect onset the do's and don'ts the stuff that they like the stuff that they don't if we're more experienced about what to expect especially talking with directors than that will ensure success onset so this week's guest is a collision filmmaker and screenwriter. Who has catapulted himself into the entertainment industry last year. He made a studio featured film last year. He made a studio feature film debut with the drama. Echo boomers starring two time academy award nominee michael shannon. His other films have played film festivals. All over the world. Please welcome film director and screenwriter set. Savoy what's up guys. They sound absolutely glad to talk to nice to meet you. Yeah nice to meet you soon forever. Tommy it's been forever. I know it has been a long time and i set directed Life and death of unhappily married man back in fifteen fourteen Seth was that your first indie feature film. I can't imagine yeah. I was the cinematographer allen so that was like my second or third one that i'd shot at the time and then kind of after that i went full throttle on echo. So i of just talk. Did i just call you the director. Yeah i really. Josh is like what the hell shallow okay. You're you're you're there every single day at every moment and every situation i gotta tell ya all indies. That have done. There was something so special about We'll get into it but the the the choices you made and then composure that you had on i see an atom i know you you see this too and we have a dp on settling benjamin. You know anybody like that you know you can tell their their work ethic their character. There's something inside of them. That makes them a really good dp and part of it. Is that constant presence of just composure. And you know that you can count on that person to not freak out and the dp is is at a very very head of this huge huge umbrella and you really the driving force with that crew. So i appreciated like every single day and every single moment that you put into that movie. But you know we've got a lot of stuff to talk about..

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