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Vanessa one of the things that is really in the chop, too. But it's absence struck me was just as the six of them are walking from room to room and having these strange experiences with the veil. And with this kind of see of brains is that Volta more and the death heat is a concealed and probably watching them in some way. I mean, I don't think that just sitting there waiting in that whole of prophecies. And so that made the whole thing even more eerie you know, when you know as a reread, that, that there are concealed is following the whole story. Yeah. It's that weirds me out about London, although the United States has certainly come a long way toward meeting Linden there. But I remember reading articles fifteen twenty years ago about the C TV the closed circuit TV video cameras, that are up all over London, and that they're basically, like there's nowhere in London that you can go without being recorded, I was horrified when I first learned about that. And I think that, you know, to are familiar. Theme a few weeks ago you get used to these things. But the idea that I can't be concealed and Lord knows I'm not committing any crimes. I'm just like going out without brushing my hair, but like it was a very oppressive feeling to me to think that there are places in the world that I could go, where I couldn't be concealed one of the few upsides of that, is that it solves many points in my current favourite TV show line of duty. I feel it. That's why so many great. Crime shows are set in London. Maybe. Oh my goodness. That's fascinating. Because it's like well, we can always just go into the CCTV. The other thing that I'm just interested in. Casper is the things that we conceal from ourselves. You know Harry keeps going back and forth as to whether or not he thinks serious is dead. And there's a line in the chapter that says unbidden voice inside his head was like, bringing up maybe serious has died. And to some extent, Harry knows that series isn't that because he, he thinks he would feel in his scar. But I wonder the things that I can seal from myself all the difficult truths. Who we just hide from ourselves in order to function until ourselves? Prettier stories uneven on a on a kind of less, intense level. I find myself wanting one thing on a Tuesday, and another thing on a Wednesday and then a third thing all together on Thursday. And I feel not even in that case that I'm actively concealing them from myself, but that they are just concealed from me. And I'm like, why con I know all these things all at the same time and then make decision. Yeah. I mean, I think I've said this before, but one of the fears. That plague me are like what is the thing that everybody knows I'm bad at that. I just am walking through the world wing. Like I don't even know that. That's a thing, let alone that I'm bad at. It said he's second recap. That's not it. It's the thing. I know I know exactly how I am thirty seconds or get so. Yeah. I guess I think that, that's the point of friendship. Right. Or community is to even if they don't tell you, the things about at sort of, like secretly have your back for the things that you're bad at because they know we'll just say, you've got spinach in your teeth. Yeah. Like, please don't conceal that from me. Everyone. Vanessa this week with continuing with spiritual practice of sacred imagination. And I've chosen a passage, which doesn't have a lot of character driven plot. This more descriptive, so I really want to invite you and everyone listening to focus on the physical surroundings. What can you see the echoes is there a smell of the place? What's the touch on your skin, or under your feet to see if we can understand more about this very mysterious place within the ministry that we're really seeing for the first time in his dream Harry had always walked purposefully across this room to the dual immediately opposite, the entrance and walked on? But there were around a dozen Dole's here, just as he was gazing ahead of the doors, opposite him trying to decide which was the right one that was a great rumbling noise. And the candles began to move sideways, the Sutculer wool was rotating. Hominy grabbed Harry's com as though frightened the floor might move to, but it did not for a few seconds the blue flames all around the blood to resemble neon lines as the wolves sped around them then quite as suddenly as it had started the rumbling stopped, and everything became stationary once again. Isn't that fascinating? I'd never noticed the candles before the turn into a line. Yes. And the fact that this blue candle light can we talk about that, like I'd never thought about the room in that way? What did you notice? I mean, it reminded me of my experiences with earthquakes and how the last earthquake I felt the first thing I noticed before I felt myself moving was that the lighting fixtures suddenly started swinging, and I was like, how did that start fitting? And then I was like, oh, the whole room is she a gang in just that feeling of like not being able to figure out what's moving and why. Right. And like it's often something on trains, where you're like is my train moving is that moving. And then you like try to feel like is the vibrating. No, it's the other train moving and, like, how disorienting that is or the other thing I hate is why do people keep. The window shades on planes down while you're landing. I like want to know when I'm gonna hit the ground and so, like, not having the visual cues to understand your, physical whereabouts can be so disorienting. That's what I felt right? Like I was her money, reaching out for hairy literally, what is happening in this room right now. The thing that really struck me was because of this blue light. I mean, I think of hospitals that kind of very cold lighting, maybe it's very dark, ever wells, this is the only light that we see. And so the whole area especially we're gonna see this room with brains. Like I'm suddenly seeing this more as a medical complex rather than to me it, had that Hogwarts in kind of medieval Kossovo vibes in my head until reading it this time. And now I'm seeing as this kind of more clinical space, right? Like maybe a terrifying wold where all sorts of scary medical things are happening, and there's nobody there. It just became much more like a horror film, rather than kind of a historical romance adventure, right? I mean, it also reminds me of grin gots, right? The way they like green, God's intentionally tries to confuse you. I mean, Hogwarts does this to a large extent to with the moving staircases it seems as the magical world is trying to constantly disoriented you with where you are in physical space in the way that they travel with flu powder? Right. Like one of the reasons I love to walk so much is that it's just like a very human pace to move. And it's, it's literally or reentering I find that always such an interesting idea like, if you'll flying or you're traveling along distance fostered than the speed of, you know, human power that you'll soul takes a few days to catch up with you and dump feels true to me in some sense that, you know, you're really not quite old that until you know, your body has kind of acclimatized again, you're able to move at a speed which seems biologically reasonable unlike flying. I'm still actually unable to explain physically. No, I'm like this thing is heavy in the wings aren't flapping. So why are we seeing something called lift? But I don't know. Yeah. Whether any other senses of maybe sound or smell that you experience this time. Well, the other thing in this could be because I you're welcome. Everybody talked so much about vomiting and this episode, but I'm someone who gets motion sick ends like the idea of like the spinning like, and I can't imagine wall starting to spin how sick I would feel like I feel like her. My knee is possibly holding onto Harry just because she's like I'm gonna throw up the other thing, that's so startling is the rumbling stopped, right? This is a loud. This is not a silent process. So, again, in the sense that the trying to conceal some things, but other things that just being flagrant about, as they move through the ministry. I mean this noise is clearly going to draw attention from other stove or people nearby. The other thing that just struck me is that it must actually be the floor that's moving because if the whole building is shifting things would fall. I know magic. Weird. But, like I wonder if because of the relativity of how movement feels it looks like the walls are moving, and it feels like the floor isn't because they're standing on the floor. But what would make the most sense in a physical way, is if it was the floor that was rotating and not the walls. I'm going to suggest not asking too many questions. Thanks. Thank you. Our voicemail this week is from Lorraine Heyman. Hi, arianna. Casta then saw. I just want to accurately, what everyone else has said in the past, thank you so much for the amazing work that you did on Harry Potter in the sacred texts in the odors, Phoenix, we all rift until king about Harry, dealing with quite a lot of trauma, that he's faced in his life, and that kind of accumulates at the end of the loss book with the death of Cedric, and it seems like in this book, Harry is that for dealing with the loss of his parents will later again, and maybe even feature loss around serious. And so this is something that I went to, to kind of bring attention to because throughout my life, I've suffered various traumas, and I have a tendency to connect the traumas in a way that I don't do with the joyous things that have happened in my life. I often sit down, and I think, oh, this happened in my childhood, this happened to my family members and I've lost this person that person on my closeness sense of myself here and that. I'm actually it really doesn't help to connect them in this way. I'm wondering about festival. What you feel about that, with Harry because we, we do see his treatments all connected in that they will sort of lead to vote a more, but that if we break up the trauma, and we disconnect them when we think about them in isolated incidents does help. I don't know. But perhaps, when I'm dealing with my own Schumer's, I have found it, it really helps to not think of this trauma led to this trauma, which led to this trauma, because, as I said, I don't do that with the joyous things that have happened in my life. So why build up trauma because in that way it does accumulate? And so I just really wanted to what you thought soi about that. Thank he. Lorraine festival. Thank you feel message. I want to stress the I am not a trauma specialist. And so this is just one random slithering thoughts from far away. But the things that strike me one to, to link together a daisy chain of the joys as much as we do with the SARS and alive to me. I think is a very precious in powerful practice, and I sometimes do this, you know, people might have a gratitude journal think of one or two things that the grateful full before they go to bed. I like to do is to think of something I'm grateful and find something in that gratitude that leads me to another gratitude and may, maybe it was like, oh, I had a really nice time getting an ice cream with my friend today. Oh, that reminds me that I can walk to that ice cream place from where I live. I'm so grateful for that. And that reminds me that I get to live in a house where it's safe and warm and dry..

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