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Just text Food 2 32 32 32. That's F 00 d 2 32 32 32 policy In terms of condition supposed to explain that us girls were occurring on me to take marketing messages, Message invigorates me. Black reply. Stop topped out. 6 32 news radio 1055 Wkrc senators still debating the covert bill more on that in just a minute, right now, traffic and weather together. Here's Captain Carl. Well Friday morning traffic off to a pretty quiet start around the magic city without spotting any problems with the weather. So far, things moving along, Okay. No big problems on the interstate, and so far no big delays. If you're traveling on 2059 through downtown, I 65 movement. Okay, leaving Shelby County as well as 4, 59. And still, we got right on highway 2 80 around the Red Mountain Expressway. 59 moving. Okay around. Talk for Mount Road this morning in the trustful area. No problems on I 20 traffic updates every 10 minutes all morning long Your next report at 6 40 on NewsRadio 1055 w E. R C Not a bad day. Today. We've got some sunshine to kick off this Friday morning. The clouds will start to roll in a little bit later this afternoon. 65 for the high weekend looks pretty good and extended. Look at our forecast, with Mickey Ferguson coming up in just about 10 minutes. Right now we've got clear and 44, Alabama's morning news, state health officer says Herd immunity is what we're working towards Leah Brandon has more in a couple of minutes, but first Fox News covers the world. Fox News. I'm Chris Foster. Senators will spend up to 20 hours today, maybe.

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