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They are so good. Oh, that sounds good. They really are. Yeah, That sounds really good. I'll never have it. But it sounds good. Um All right, let's get onto the Pilate's You're doing, Juliet. You can have a honey butter chicken thing. Oh, no, That's the whole point. I'm trying to get in shape, Not You know, just work out so that I could eat more. Yeah, That's my problem. You know, That's my province. I work out occasionally, and then I just get hungrier. Well. I work out because I haven't worked out a lot. The last 10 years. I feel really nauseous When I finish my workouts. I gotta be honest with you. So it makes me not want to eat for quite a while after my workout. Cause I'm really like I'm really pushing myself And these these Pilates classes like level one Pilatus classes. It's so sad, but I'm committed. I'm committed to making this happen. And I actually feel like not not. My body is changing. I've only gone three times, but you definitely feel that the the pain and the strain. My body's is feeling it. All right, Let's go down to Florida. This is a crazy story. I'm really curious as to what has happened here, a housekeeper. Has found two men shot dead in a hotel room at the former Versace mansion in Miami Beach. And interestingly, the discovery was made yesterday, which was the eve of the 24th anniversary of the murder of the famed fashion designer Gianni Gianni Versace. For sake, of course, was coming home from his morning walk from the news cafe. Just a little, uh, 24 hour restaurant there on ocean Drive in Miami Beach, South Beach on July 15th 1997 When this crazed, lunatic obsessed fan type of guy Andrew Cunanan fatally shot for Sochi in the back of the head as he was walking up the stairs. Into into his mansion to men. Like I said, We're just found dead in a room there. Police said the scene was contained to one room. Detectives, of course, have launched a death investigation. A homicide investigation. The luxury property was converted into a boutique hotel back in 2014, and it draws a crowd of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and the like. It's very interesting, though. It's very curious. It is interesting. Well, Juliette, listen to this. Thank God to be Coney Island. Beat your God like that, Tony Island. Be when you're right. You're right. Coney Island now has a new theme song to spark economic recovery amid the coronavirus pandemic. The jingle as you heard there opens up with the sound. Of a roller coaster and takes note of attractions such as the cyclone and Nathan's famous hot Dogs. Legendary Met players like Doc Gooden at Crane, Poole and our Chomsky were on hand to unveil the song, which will be played at Brooklyn Cyclones home game. The song was commissioned by the owner of this radio station, John Catsimatidis season was played right here on 77. W. ABC yesterday. Now there were two songs that were finalists and people can listen to both songs and vote. On which they like better on w abc radio dot com. I actually think they're both pretty catchy. So wait. There's It's two songs that are finalists are they picked that think What's being reported on Channel Seven and elsewhere is that the one we just played is the winner. But I don't think that that's official. I think the voting that is taking place on our website right now will be Determinative of what the official song is. So I would encourage people if they feel strong about it. Go to the website and vote. Well, I like that one. I mean, I haven't heard the other one. But that one sounds very, uh, you know, and pilots in a park, you know that test? Well, I think that's exactly what it was modeled after. Yeah, I mean, it's it's catchy. It's going to be my head all day. I can already tell you that 10 seconds of it. Oh, that's cool, though. I love that. I love that, and I love the fact that our owner is into baseball, and he's supporting, you know smaller teams, and that's just It's just so cool. And that's that's what brings communities together. Absolutely. I love it great time in Coney Island yesterday, and he's also very bullish on the future of Coney Island as well. Which is great to see. Very, very cool. Well, let's hope so. I mean, he's got those beautiful buildings there. I took a look at those online. Wow. They're nice. Absolutely gorgeous. All right, let's go back down to Florida. Don't Fauci, My Florida You probably heard this a little bit earlier. But Governor Ron De Santis is selling beer cozies and T shirts, all sorts of things marking. Dr Fauci and his covid 19 restrictions. This is ahead of his 2022 gubernatorial campaign. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, uh, has a whole bunch of swag that you can buy on his website team to Santis. He talked about it and announced this merchandise on his team to Santa's Twitter account. Monday, 12 Bucks will get you Blue Cuzzi imprinted with the words Don't Fauci, my Florida Obviously it's a jab at Dr Fauci, who, um, I guess has become a mocking figure for some Republicans. As he tries to preventatively coronavirus from killing people. Um, so since Trump left office in January two scientists, of course, is viewed as a potential Favorite, Perhaps a running mate. I'm kind of leaning towards no, perhaps his own his own candidacy for president and there is support for him, so we'll see what happens. 2024, a group of parents in New Jersey is filing a lawsuit to keep their kids massless. For the upcoming school year. Governor Murphy has left it up to each school district to decide for themselves, But these parents wanted off the table. Murphy says A decision about a mask can be made overnight. Meantime, an attorney representing the parent says masks interfere with the development of Children. Parents behind the lawsuit said the mask requirement is especially difficult for younger kids. With special needs or those who suffer from anxiety. Time now is 6 15..

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