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The statement explains the expulsions come off to the journal refused the moms to make an official apology and hold the persons involved accountable I'm Charles de Ledesma Elton John says he'll play is remaining shows in New Zealand and Australia even though an illness calls and a cut short a performance John broke down in tears as he told the crowd that he couldn't go on any longer the seventy two year old singer study had walking pneumonia and was helped off stage tour promoter said John is resting now and doctors are confident he'll recover the concerts are part of John's farewell yellow brick road tour John is scheduled to play again in Auckland demand seven performances in Australia before travelling to the U. S. and Canada the Beijing Auto Show the industry's biggest global event of the year is being postponed in response to the spread of China's new virus auto China twenty twenty originally scheduled for April twenty first through the thirtieth is being pushed back to an undetermined dates the organizer say the Beijing event at a companion Auto Show held in Shanghai in alternate years are increasingly important to auto makers that are trying to reverse the sales slowdown in China's market the world's biggest other events including the Shanghai Formula One Grand Prix a major arts festival in Hong Kong and the mobile phone industry's biggest conference of the year in Spain have also been canceled or postponed because of the virus China is also considering whether to postpone the meeting in March of its ceremonial parliament let go your **** I'm Madonna he with an AP news minute today after president trump commuted his sentence former Illinois governor rod Blagojevich thanked the president president trump is a man who is tough and outspoken but he also has a kind heart and this is an act of kindness the garbage is back home in Chicago he walked out of a federal prison in Colorado yesterday after serving eight years of a fourteen year sentence for wide ranging political corruption two thirteen year old boys have been arrested for allegedly starting a fire in a public library in central California that left a firefighter dead another firefighters missing inspectors in protective suits went door to door in the epicenter of Chinese viral outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan to try to find every infected person in epidemic that is showing signs of waning as new cases fell for the second straight day president trump is ousted the Pentagon's top policy official John rude who had certified last year the defense department at seen enough anti corruption progress in Ukraine to justify releasing eight I'm a Donahue AP digital news back in a moment thank you for listening to the AP.

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