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After the fire was put out seventy six branch davidians were found dead 22 children from babies to aged thirteen died in a bunker where they were hidden with the remaining women this number includes two brand new infants whose births were induced by the trauma the tear gas assault and fire four children were wayne martin's and dna testing proved that fourteen of the children including the trauma born infants were david koresh is biological children seven teenagers aged fourteen to nineteen died of the adults who died 2003 were americans one was australian twenty were british most with jamaican origins one was canadian one was israeli and one was a new zealander twenty people had gunshot wounds including five children a threeyearold was stabbed these are suspected to be mercy killings committed by the branch davidians when they realized they'd reached the point of no return in the blaze david koresh died beside steve schneider they both sustained fatal gunshot wounds the order of their death wasn't decisively determined but it seemed likely that steve had first shot correction the forehead and then himself with a caresses followers had anything to do with the fire that ultimately claimed the lives or not the government's final conclusion was at the branch davidians were at fault for refusing to comply with orders to leave the compound the controversy surrounding what happened that day of mount carmel the government reports and investigations as well as the conspiracy theories are so voluminous we can't begin to detail their mere suffice it to say there were serious mistakes made by the fbi and the branch davidians who remained till those final hours were extremely reluctant to come out the government investigations ultimately found karash to be at fault for the deaths but that hasn't stopped fierce debate an antigovernment militia type still site what happened at waco is a prime example of gross government overreach as with many controversies the facts can look very different depending on the lenzi view them through but some things are incontrovertible one of them is that posthumous dna testing confirmed that karesh fathered children with underage girls had he been tried in court he would have been charged with a number of counts of statutory rape at the very minimum that's one point that many people including those who believe strongly in the religious freedom the constitution protects have a very high.

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