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Remember the movie bar city blues? Young shoe it turned twenty on Tuesday, which led to someone who's shower remain nameless. When USA today Brian Truitt to put out his own list in celebration of varsity blues turning twenty of the twenty five best football movies of all time ranked and believe me, I'll staff of Shannon pin. Travis rock cold Stasi Yankee as well. As if it Simmons banks the list put together by Brian through it completely ranks and not in a good way. Thanks, thanks. Yes. According to us from twenty five to one according to Brian through through these are the best football movies letterheads at twenty five. That's all he is over. It's already over. Behind the waterboy water sucks at number. Twenty four varsity blues a number twenty three Friday night lights and number twenty two the expressing number twenty one. This sent me over the edge the game plan at number twenty paper lion. Nineteen invincible eighteen all the right moves seventeen. The last boy scout sixteen that's not a football football movie. That's a cheesy. Bruce Willis Damon investigating a murder too hung over to reach the remote on the couch. When you were in college, you remote? So you watched the movie, but it's not a football movie. Right. That's number sixteen. Feathers by the Marx brothers, pretty damn funny, by the way and number fifteen the replacements of fourteen north Dallas forty or thirteen again. Right. So that's one of the best not just football movies. As a great move on the Dallas Cowboys the dandy. Don Meredith Cowboys team that up a little bit. Did they ever Peter Gent and actually talked to the real life Peter jen- before he passed away? And when they re released the paperback and the stuff that had to be left out. To the grave with him. That's thirteen necessary roughness at twelve the top twenty five. Remember, the bad is good. Yeah. Barsony blues. Right. But varsity blues far better than that move lot-. They never whipped cream bikini. But they needed the pate. Remember, the titans number eleven that should have been higher longest yard at ten. Having can waited nine Jerry Maguire eight any given Sunday at seven the freshman at six that's a sign move from nineteen twenty five. I remember seeing that as a kid, I don't know how to make the list. Isn't being that high in my opinion, blindsided five number four. I'm ready to throw up. You read the entire less. It's just it's it's central. We are Marshall a number four visible got Ian out of sorts this one just stay at number three. I'm not a big list guy with right? Having one of the worst sports football. But sports movies ever at number three. Number three. Is just it's it's pathetic. But again, this is in in honor of one of the great bad movies of all time in varsity blues any whipped cream mean the greatest movie ever know, isn't that? There you go Trump. If that makes you feel better new Rodney elementary number two greenbelt film. Yes. And rudy. Number one. This dude, Brian, man. I don't know what you just speak a fraud. Where's Bryan song? I was gonna say saying you brought that up on Freddie and Fitz on ESPN radio. That's not their this movie. Little have been there. I've stopped twenty five I grant, it's one person's opinion who shall remain nameless. Ryan through it of USA today. But great effort bad execution. Hell like the Miami Heat fan at that young man, right? When when they lost game three in the NBA finals, great effort. Good job. Great effort better security. Get great effort. But not a good job. How you leave? Bryan song out number one is is pathetic. How rude? He's number. One is our. Is not in the top ten is silly doubts forties now top. But the biggest thing here is as we try and keep you know, keep an eye on the ball is. It's about varsity blues right and the twentieth anniversary if you've never seen this God awful tremendous film. You you need to check it out. Because it is it is it is that bad that is that good. I don't want your life. By the way. Here's the Nova. You guys mentioned that I always thought of if you're gonna put bad movies, bad football movies, and you put draft day up there. Not the program. Programs bent movie program. Oh, no. No, no. That hasn't fallen. It's worth it for Halle, Berry alone. It's that is also a bad. Great movie it better than leather. It's in the varsity blues category. Now, this is how great a of an awful movie varsity blues was and still stands the test of time. I was I couldn't remember which team. It was about it was USC. But last year varsity blues was actually brought up really talking to. But it wasn't USC was Georgia. So I had Georgia Florida last year. And this this killed you will. And I'll I'll try to keep a straight face new as we talk about now live. I will not name the coaches about told you who who they were. So the entire this Jake Frahm quarterback at Georgia is taken over for the injured star and Jacobson, right? Sound similar right? The smart kid, you know, in you know, the underdog and he comes in and start saving today. I'm talking to all these coaches, and they say, man seniors. They just follow you know from. He just has it that moxie and in one of them looked at the other one the they said go ahead say it. And one of the coaches on the offensive side of the ball set. He kinda reminds us of mocks varsity blues James vanderbeek what? Away. Those guys followed him in the movie even to the strip joint. The starter goes down to injury Romm comes in give it a ten mocks comes in. Right. And he was insatiable. We're all dying laughing and this is on the Jacksonville. Play their arrival trucked, by the way, what forty two to seventy believe it was we're all dying laughing, and he makes that analogy. And then one of the defensive coaches comes walking by as heard the conversation goes, you think promising the whipped cream bikini. Go ahead. Breaks stride at all. But that's the quality of varsity blues as it stands the test of time to the point where guys remember that movie. Yeah. An hour and a half before kick because team. Team. See that movie. We're crying laughing and referring to Jake bleeping Frahm as mocks exactly because he represents James vanderbeek just at the university of Georgia. I'm still trying to figure out how the game plan made the top twenty five. Oh, I don't know. Bryan song being out being a number three. Yeah. On the on the twentieth. Anniversary of the whipped cream bikini. I don't get. What was it? Was it skater was that the guy's name wide receiver. Charlie Twitter, Charlie leader. The Twitter dance. Yes. Exactly. When did that start growing? Of the USA today sports. We don't mean to criticize. But we do mean to criticize a lot better from the top twenty five movies. But we do appreciate you. Bring out the twentieth. Anniversary varsity blues we all take a trip back in time. Yeah. Great thought. As bad execution. When all of a sudden done despite European USA? Our confidence meter when it comes to drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Jared Goff. But that's next on ESPN radio and the beginning..

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