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NPR's Debbie Elliot has more the son of Southeast Alabama sharecroppers once denied a library card from the Troy public Library. John Lewis was honored today at the one time all White public college that denied him entrance as a teen Troy University. He's also being remembered in Selma, where Louis helped organize civil rights protest in 1965. Sunday he will make one final passage over the iconic Edmund Pettus Bridge, where he was beaten by state troopers and sheriff's deputies as he led marchers to Montgomery to demand the right to vote. Louis will lie in state at the Alabama capital and then in Washington at the U. S Capitol before a funeral Thursday in Atlanta. Debbie Elliot NPR news Enhanced unemployment benefits of an extra $600 a week expire at the end of the month. And as NPR's Susan Davis reports what happens next to millions of out of work Americans is up in the air. Congress is likely to continue some form of expanded benefit, just not in time to meet the current expiration date. Democrats want to extend the additional $600 per week benefit through January. Republicans opposed that because they say it's too much and it's stopping workers from going back into the workforce. Republicans are coalescing around a plan supported by the White House to provide up to 70% of a worker's pre pandemic wages as long as it doesn't exceed $600. Either way, a deal remains out of sight. Senate Republicans have yet to release a formal proposal. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday he expected a deal in a few weeks..

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