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You're number one. Like why would you say i have a headache because if you if you didn't would like if you're just like i'm not in the mood. That's not good enough question. Mark dude i mean you know. Yeah there's there's a lot a lot going on. There is a lot going on there. And just like faking. An orgasm is like just the the the ego stroke that has to occur but that's extra extra extra labor but it's also like safety. 'cause sometimes you're like i don't wanna know person super well. Yeah and like i you know. It's so sad okay. This is what i think about all the time. Okay in vicky cristina. Barcelona there is a scene where scarlett johansson and heavier by dem are like kind of getting into it like about to make out and make love and then scarlett johansson feels sick. And have you ever demos like. Oh my gosh how what do you need. How do i help you. And every time. I see that scene. I'm like gosh. That's so nice that you didn't get angry at her for like not boning him in that moment like that's did i fucked up. Someone got angry for feeling sick. Dude i am telling you you could probably pull thousand women and they'd be like. Oh yeah i had the flu and my husband boyfriend was like we can't have sex. I m would not be surprised if that is. That's why old that'd be awful. I would be surprised but man does. So wow what is a rough rough little podcast today. I mean you hear stuff all the time. I saw something online the other day. This is actually one of heather. Have religious keys she answered this question magnificently or this woman was like my husband wants me to like get a vagina like surgery. Because i'm not tight enough anymore. And he's like not really and he kind of is like that's a big deal for him and she was like. Oh wow okay let me tell what to do. You should probably Lead him like Staple something to his face that says four get the fuck because it was even more literally the the relationship hinges on me doing this like he's like i'm not going to be with you if your vagina is not tight enough but that is i can guarantee you that this man does not contribute anything to society and yet he's like i just tightest china's even with this woman for twenty years. It's just and also like really lacking in creativity buddy you know. Oh yes oh just a serious lack of creativity there. Wow so many resources dude. I'm really glad you're bringing this up. Because i feel like on the podcast. We do what we do. Honor queer topics a lot. And i have to say man. This is something that this entire like thought spectrum is something that is just really truly absent for my life and it really. It makes me feel kind of in a way like like you know like i'm albina. You man pick you wish you human beings just decent treatment in the same way. You're in la to me dude and you know i will say this kind of stuff. It hurts everybody. It's not just hurting women. It hurts hurts man. Everybody's honestly i think it's people it just keeps people buying stuff. I'm like i only thing. I can come up percent economy going one hundred percent so hard know so in that. I guess that's just like fake stuff. Just fake this really in that we can only create. What's real for ourselves on our our own personal realities our relationship to the world around us and that's just for those who were who were thinking. I'm out i'm out. I can't listen to another second of this episode. i didn't hear about to balance. I just wanted to give you. What my my my summation real quick at the middle point here because when we get back we're gonna take a quick break. And then hannah and i are going to do some deep fake quiz to see if we can identify what's real and what's not back and one of the items is going to be ahead of fake orgasm..

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