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Done coming up looking for a spot in the semifinals of the US Open the Nats and Mets start a series at Nats Park we'll have sports in 10 about minutes on WTOP. Hello I'm Josh McKenzie with ATP gov we are leading government technology provider with track a proven record of delivering secure and reliable IT solutions so let's talk Microsoft Surface it's purpose built to protect deliver and the premium Windows experience with cutting -edge sem enterprise management mode Surface ensures FIPS 201 compliance and not only meets today's security demands but evolves to meet ever -changing zero trust requirements trust ATP gov is your IT solutions partner to stay ahead of the curve learn more at ATP gov .com everything you need every time you listen WTOP News 515 I'm Anne Kramer and I'm Shawn Anderson thanks for being with us. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke today at the Capitol for the first time since his latest verbal freeze which took place last week in Kentucky. Well Ms. Fred and I'm glad to welcome our colleagues back from the August work period. Joining us live from Capitol to Hill talk about the Minority Leader's health and the return of Congress WTOP's Mitchell Miller. Mitch has Senator McConnell specifically addressed his health since his return. Shawn. Obliquely On the Senate floor he smiled a bit alluding to that moment when a reporter asked him a question and he froze last week noting there was an incident that received a fair amount of attention as he said in the press. But he did say not anything specific about his health today. Separately his office released a letter from the Capitol physician however noting that McConnell underwent a battery of tests and it found no evidence of a stroke or seizure or anything linked to Parkinson's. McConnell spoke about a variety of issues on the floor today but it's clear his speech is more measured and a bit weaker than it used to be and it's clear that he's lost weight since that concussion he suffered earlier in the spring. But on the positive side he was welcomed back by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic Senator Dick Durbin he said looked forward to the chance to again disagree with him. Okay Mitch so the Senate is back. House doesn't get back to work till next week. What is the latest to try and avoid a government shutdown? Well right now Ann there's only one of twelve appropriations bills that have passed and that was in the House. Majority Leader Schumer and House Speaker Kevin in McCarthy agreement are that there's no way to pass all 12 spending bills before that October 1st deadline. So they want a short spending -term bill but while they're in agreement the House Republican Conference is not. Several House conservatives have said they are not on board with a continuing resolution so it's highly possible there could be a government shutdown sometime this fall if conservatives keep pressing for spending cuts that the Senate just won't go along with. Mitch also today got new pressure on Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville to release his hold on hundreds of promotions. military What's up there? Right, well the pressure comes from the leaders of the major military branches. This is very unique. Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro, Army Secretary Christine Warmoth, and Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall all have co -authored a column in the Washington Post. They say Tuberville is blocking military promotions over the Pentagon's abortion policy and that it's putting the nation's national security at risk. This is another sign that many are just getting tired of this hold by Tuberville, which has lasted more than six months now. But while Tuberville continues to come under pressure from lawmakers as well, he's given no sign of releasing that hold. We'll have to see if there's any change the in coming weeks as the Senate gets back to work here on Capitol Hill. Thanks Mitchell. You bet. WTOP's Mitchell Miller. Quick look at the top stories we're working on for you, WTOP. We broken have at least one daily temperature record today and we have matched another. How much prison time will Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio gets for the Capitol riot. We're still waiting for an answer. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. 518. Time for traffic and weather on the 8th. Back to Dave Dildine in the WTOP WTOP Traffic Center. Sean in the district on 395, 695, 295. Volume delays but nothing blocking the freeways. Northwest though, Canal Road near Chain Bridge, extra slow this afternoon. No incidents reported but there's wave been a of bailout coming off the Beltway for the past several hours and in McLean on Route 123 northbound crash between the CIA and Kirby Road further slowing the pace on Dolly Madison It's and a on slow the Beltway one on the Autoloop from Tysons to Annandale. There the team at the 495 Express Lanes wants you to know to save time you can hop on the Express Lanes now. On the Interloop heavy and slow into Montgomery County. No Express Lanes escape route there. Interloop traffic was bogged down in Bethesda because of a late -declare work zone in the 270 Spur. It is finally clear late last hour the lanes reopen damage done. Farther around the Interloop at Connecticut Avenue and New Hampshire earlier incidents either on the shoulder if not clear. Traffic stays slow but a little more forward movement with lanes open. More typical volume delays in Prince George's County. 95 in Baltimore Washington Parkway slow upper stretches beltway to beltway 50 looking good at the Bay Bridge much better compared to yesterday. We had about a 22 mile back back up on the Eastern Shore Tuesday after Labor Day is the way to do it. No delay at the Bay Bridge. There is a crash on Central Avenue eastbound at Hampton Park Boulevard Brightseat Road and eastbound traffic on 214 gets by under police direction. Back in Virginia we had one on the George Washington Memorial Parkway southbound at Bellevue Boulevard. That remains. continue Police directing there. No drama just routine rush hour congestion on 395 and I -95 along with 66 inside and outside

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