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To be pitching attach license at high levels flag football i'll be right and you you watch a quarter of a football game and you can leave a football game for another two hours in pretty much know exactly what's going to happen by the way they're playing um don't you feel like it's so scripted now while we can't be just seems a well let's not get hurt something like that it's like a bad play what would you think about incentive late of contracts were like a ball player can make no minimum than this some out and no maximum than this amount on performance and if they get hurt there is a certain pay for the year and that's it i think sports would be so much better i i just did you said uganda most should give the guys a twoyear contract uh acting management would like that because look i am always going with the knicks signed allan houston today sixyear hundred million dollar contract i said we couldn't give him three for sixty because if these could you'll get to could give another fifty if he sticks you've done with him and of course he's stock guzzle injury right off the bat you know i i think what they'll do it in accede i i still i'm not convinced is going to be football i think they'll do wisely so mad at each other that the players are going to want guaranteed money and any end at the owners and try and get away with you have to use these guys are risking their lives more would any of the sport they have to have guaranteed by trade me i take my contract you cut me i take my contract they have guaranteed money but they're not guaranteeing performance that's what you could add in bonuses but you know like the authors to live of the would would be held secular okay a quarterback and get extra money for the extent of that he'd area of thirty six thousand five thousand yards and so we what do.

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