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And then when I first saw him, I I was giddy. I I could describe it anymore because he's just so math and as head is so huge compared to anything of ever seen before we have our livestock sanctuary and all the animals that we come are some are destined for. Or slaughter for for meat, and we go to auction at different times to save whichever ones that that we can to give them a full full life is leads to the animal sanctuary. You have in Steinbeck then. Yes. You know, it's interesting though, because these stories about knickers in dozer these people are fascinated with the the stories in these enormous stairs. Why do you think that is? Why do you think they capture our imaginations just its largest life? It's you know, what people know or might not know about the the animals been depends if they've been around in their their their lives are visited them petting farms, or or the such to find something abnormal something bigger, and then to find it if they are relaxed and calm and people can touch them in pet them. And then all of a sudden they develop a connection and that connection goes with a lot of people. And, you know, sometimes they're theories changed on you know, they should be eating meat or maybe they should reduce it. And that the only thing that we hope for it is does pretty cuddly. Oh, the he is a musher you start scratching him, and he'll just push into you just to get more scratch. His and to that you lack see those who will lie down beside her. Yeah. Delight down next those you can lean up against a little bit. Because you don't wanna get too. Just in case he wants to roll. It's a great story Carl. Thanks pro. Take a bye bye bye. Karl shown rock is the proud guardian of dozer of very tall steer at an animal sanctuary in Steinbach Manitoba for photographs of dozer who is in fact taller than us. Australian counterpart knickers go to our website, you truly should CBC dot CA slash AH..

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