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Drum. Welcome to the morning comment. Most by brian kelly and produced by. Call my count. We are doing that for sure. Sure i'll tell you somebody put a in the chat notes yesterday. Call that That they never get tired of hearing mark robinson. Say that We're americans. And i just love it man. We're all american. Exactly one hundred. Never get tired of it. Every time i think about changing up the opening. I'm not going to change that part at least part. Stand for a really long time. Welcome to the republic keeper broadcast. My name is brian kelly. I will be your host for today's adventure. The voice you heard at the outset of coal mckelway he produces the show and and contributes an awful lot of the content super grateful for him and so. Let's start off like we always do by thanking god for good health both for colon. I in for you that you're able to watch that we're able to share and so let's start by thanking god for good health and the ability to be her sharing with you like we always do. This is episode number three hundred twelve of the republican broadcast in. I've titled it chicago. Mourns miracle wines and washington mandates and that gives you kind of a little bit of a view of what we're going to look at today by the way. This is a great time to hit the share button on the episode. Good and share the stream So somebody you know that doesn't know about us we'll learn about us Messenger by the way to great way to share the the messenger or tweet Whatever platform you're on a lot of people watch on rumble on club Etcetera thank you so much for your time and attention so lay. Give you an ideal. We're going to go through today. We get some chicago stuff and some updates on views of lori lightfoot s- visit the hospital much confirming what a lot of you were saying in the chat yesterday in the comments after the show. We have some election stuff related to georgia fulton county Aaron maricopa county and then a lot on covert. I told you. Mandates were coming and we have mandates announced in washington state yesterday. I don't know if it's the first state in the nation to do it. But i think it is i. I don't think any other state has done this yet. i know. La county did in california but that was companies have done that and so that was just our county so this is over. Statewide washington state. My home state here leading on this. I believe i if not if they're not the first. They're right up there so tone matter. It's still a big move if you will. So let's start off with a story about afghanistan And i think this is i admiral. Kirby is his name. If i get it wrong. Forgive me department spokesman talking about the situation afghanistan. The secretary shares the concern of the international community about the security situation in afghanistan which is clearly not going in the right direction and the secretary continues to believe that the afghan forces have the capability. They have the capacity to make a big difference on the on the battlefield we he has maintained that we will continue to support them with the authorities. We have wherein when feasible understanding that. It's not always going to be feasible. But where and when feasible will continue to support them With air strikes for instance. They have air force. The taliban doesn't they have modern weaponry to an organizational skills. Taliban doesn't They they have superior numbers to the taliban And so again they have the advantage advantages And it's really now their time to use those advantages. It's their country to defend now. This is their struggle. The commander in chief has given us a new mission and that mission is to draw down by the end of this month. And that's where we're moving to what it looks like beyond that. I'm simply not going to speculate. But this is their country. These are there. these are their military forces. These are their provincial. Capitals their people to defend and and and it. It's really gonna come down to the leadership that they're willing to exude here at this particular moment. So what they're saying is that they want the afghans to have an afghanistan. I policy is that what i heard. You know afghan for us afghanistan for afghans right. And it's not our problem and we've gone home and you're on your own and at one level. I agree with that wholeheartedly. This has been for a long time if you remember paul's father before him. Ron paul in congress and then rand paul have been the voice of. Hey we're not. We're not the world's policeman. Let's stop all these international misadventures where we deploy troops all over the world to nation build. Let's get out of somalia. let's get out of libya. let's get out of kosovo. Let's get out of afghanistan. Let's get out of iraq. Let's get out of all these places in the world where we are the stabilizing force and let these people figure it out. It's not our job. I i identify with this sentiment. At some level this is kind of the pat buchanan position has been that for a long time and people call it isolationist. Right america shouldn't be the world's policeman. Okay well i sort of agree with that but let me ask you this. We've seen now first hand and we're gonna get into chicago here in a minute. We've seen what happens when police are funded and not support it. And so if america's not gonna police these places who is and if no one does our wheel k with the humanitarian tragedies that ensue. Because that's what's going to happen. In other words the whole world you know it was collectively somewhat guilty in not acting. Sooner.

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