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Creating a community healing spaces. I'm reading spaces of empathy and safe spaces for a children's who find his refuge are right now. We have a lot of our babies in our arms. Young people in those that we are talking about. About that are these evil bass, or so to speak on what has happened, so then what have they been? It's also the leads to want manifest. This type of behavior is negative behavior to have such a negative impact on our communities. So how do we have those conversations with them about the trauma? They've been exposed to to where they are. Now I'm manifested in such negative behaviors and having such a negative impact on our families in our communities, and so I think that as a leader. That's a huge lift you know. You don't have one. Acidic solution however I do believe that if we become. Create, more trauma informed city, using that lands to be more empathetic and understanding about what we're saying and how we approach what we're saying in our communities. That's very. And obviously what you all do is a very huge lift. Ramon Hooks talked to me about what outreach workers do after incidents of violence to prevent more violence. Will we. We first we try to find out the information. You know what I'm saying. We'll saturated. With. Education than the name was known was going on. Because note, mopey can be shot if they don't they not aware, or they may be in the middle of a was also we. We gather information a fan. The bodies involved and we try to mediate situation back. No saying Gidon ease bodied to maybe stand down or get them to a safe place where we gotta talk about. No said mediating in a in a in a way where no more shooting goes on that we is mediation is going on that people don't hear about. It could be much worse. You have mediations going on with EGWU LA- down. You know what I'm saying and allow us to go and deal with other problems in evernote. non-aggression agreement well once that we both agreed not to go on each other's throats in shooting. Vanessa paired reef. Tell us how the Peace Academy works to prepare outreach workers for this kind of work. Definitely so as eighteen weeks of information and subjects and topics that are central to the work of the street outreach professional, so we'll learn how to be professional l. they'll. Standards and competencies are related to of outreach work. How to communicate appropriately. What are those the Dan and live with the street outreach worker, so we cover and those eighteen weeks central topics that will help them, and even enhance their already unique skill set to go out an helps you restore communities and Vanessa. Do you think this summer will continue to be violent? Team the instances of violence. However, response can be different. We always have to create a solution space response and an asset base was possible. We see here in our city and our assets that our children need that human resource human resource integral to making sure that we heal our city. Lots of work to be done lots to talk about unfortunately I'm afraid we'll be talking about this more this summer. My thanks to Vanessa Perry to Reef Mauricio de as an Ramon Hook. Thank you. Up next parachutes is officially back in the studio and shares highlights from our Kovin Chicago series, but first a look at the weather. Chicago has seventy seven official community areas, and over the past three months, parachutes and our team have visited forty two of them as well as twelve Chicago suburbs and Illinois cities and towns. All told we've covered when I say we I mean them. We've covered five states to tell this story. In addition to Illinois, we've been to Milwaukee and Kenosha Wisconsin. Gary Indiana Davenport Iowa and the rest of the quad cities and Saint Joseph Michigan. Parachutes is back with us now along with producer Quinn Myers in the Chicago Tonight Studio for the first time in more than three months. Welcome back, guys. So. Paris guys before we talk about some of the takeaways from the journey. Let's take a very quick look at all the places you've been an assist from our Amanda Finicky as well. Why on Earth am I here. I'm Brandon Friedman here in our north. West Side Studio and I'm parachutes reporting live from Chicago's Chinatown Community for on Divine Avenue one of the most diverse neighborhoods anywhere in the country. We are just outside the south. Shore Cultural Center. The predominant message here in Little village is all hands on deck in beverly on the South side from the uptown neighborhood from East Garfield Park from north suburban. Would Chicago's Chatham neighborhood from just over the Wisconsin? Wisconsin border in Kenosha tonight. I met Chicago police headquarters from boy's town in the Lakeview neighborhood. I am back in the little village neighborhood on the.

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