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From Brett Farr. Okay Geno going with Declassified F. O.'S THE NAVY DECLASSIFIED. Some UFO footage. And it's like yeah. Thanks for the clarification there but it still doesn't make total amount of sense and I'm still pretty confused by the whole thing so I'm going declassified. Ufo's I like it all right and for Neyla you could have gone further. There is no glasses folks. Does that make sense? Great kind of convinced me and I was like where's your. Where's the monocle that you will be? What am I mr peanut onto jober now? The bengals first overall picks about to get paid with details of his rookie contract coming out. Get this four year deal worth over thirty six million dollars. That is exactly thirty. Five point. Nine eight million dollars more than I made as my first job as a sports reporter in Binghamton New York big hair benefits. Nick Brill's first purchase with all that money should be like by the way for kids coming out of college. Gordon Agendas numbers first time reporters and Binghamton make two hundred twelve thousand dollars a year job. I had a desk ended up. Definitely Wrong Judah you point thirty six point something so. I don't think that's what you're starting salary was. Maybe I'm wrong but okay. I wasn't there in graduate from college in the seventies so maybe there was off the charts all right now now to Andrew Care Joe Boroughs. First big purchase should be acreage. Now this for a number of reasons one is the old. The old cliche got him Bacon Moorlands. So by it. Now sure five. But also because during these social distancing porn zine dimes. We're seeing across sports. Guys who have their own gyms their own fields. Their own land can practice and train a lot better.

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