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The books include Moby Dick Romeo and Juliet and the wizard of oz Deborah Rodriguez CBS news it is two oh five of the bay area's news station KCBS expect mostly clear skies early this morning then sunshine warmer temperatures tomorrow later today rather good morning I'm Melissa call Ross here's what's happening the state department has indicated that more Americans may be evacuated from China this week and brought to US military bases yesterday one hundred seventy eight were flown to Travis Air Force base where they're under quarantine for two weeks KCBS reporter Jeffrey Schaub explains why Travis is considered to be a good location for evacuees the one hundred seventy eight Americans are housed in an on base hotel normally used for guests of military members rape culture lives on bass and says it's completely cordoned off the hotel is all fenced off to keep people out from going into it Travis a huge sprawling military base like others were Americans are being quarantine is seen by the government as a safe and secure location there are on base medical personnel available and the ability to fly people in and out and not have to transport them somewhere else is a plus doctor Henry walk is with the CDC this is the first time in more than fifty years at CDC is issued a quarantine order the airforce says the quarantine Americans do not pose any threat to the base or its personnel and base operations are not impacted in Fairfield Jeffrey Schaub key CBS now while we wait to hear what those people say about life in who bay province the pictures being painted a picture being painted over the region is a scary one we get that part of the story from KCBS reporter Holly Quan ten cases have been confirmed in the small city of Macau which the population of six hundred fifty thousand Carlos global was one of them a gaming consultant who tells KCBS the closure of the casinos for the next two weeks is freaking people out because what is that the government knows that they don't this is scary Macau is a very small town so everybody knows each other and all of a sudden there there's that feeling of being scared of other people that are not taking the same preventive measures that we are taking we are scared of those that are not being careful being a traveler in the region is disconcerting to say the least Joe Cooper used to work here KCBS heroes husband or touring Asia having first landed in Hong Kong twelve days ago where everyone from hotel workers to street vendors are wearing masks and by the way everyone is sold out of phase out any any sort of hand sanitizers sold out everywhere they were in demand which is a beach town for the first place we saw something that said no Chinese tourists allow people that two or three different times right now he's got no way to get home since American Airlines cancel flights out of Hong Kong Holly Quan KCBS two people are dead after a small plane crashed in the Sierra Nevada foothills yesterday evening the twelve make county sheriff's office says the single engine Cessna went down just after six PM in a field behind the Sonora area home near the Columbia airport and that nobody on the ground was hurt the national transportation safety board will be investigating just ahead on KCB act the grisly act that hit a peninsula elementary school KCBS new son to await let's at the roads now with Caroline burns on the traffic.

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