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Wooo are the voice of New York and I heart radio stations Way have 79 degrees. Mostly cloudy skies at midnight. Good morning. I'm Steve Greenfield. At least five people are being treated following drive by shootings Monday night in Cannes, RC The incidents were spread out between locations within a mile and 1/2 of the 68th Precinct. Here's New York City Police Department's chief of detectives, Rodney Harrison, I just time nobody is likely to die. Concern that we have with all three of these shooting incidents is there was a white four door sedan involved in East one, the shootings. We believe that all of our victims were the intended targets. Those hit were on rims on Avenue Rockaway Parkway and it flatlands and East 108th Street. The first victim was a 23 year old woman. She was shot four times in the chest. Just minutes and blocks away, 3 19 year old men were hit and finally, another 19 year old man was shot One time in the back. Federal prosecutors are opposed to Galen Maxwell's proposed banning package. The longtime friend of Jeffrey Epstein, has been charged with helping him recruit groom and abuse underage girls in the 19 nineties. They claim she wants wrapped a cellphone in tinfoil to avoid being tracked by police and is pulling me of cash stashed overseas. Meanwhile, the federal government is reportedly planning to reopen Ellis Island this coming week. James Flipping has more. This would fall in line with New York City entering into phase for although there's been no official announcement, sources telling NBC New York that the National Park Service plans to reopen Ellis Island visitors As it's been closed since mid March. Amid the pandemic, of course, Lady Liberty. The iconic statue is there on the island as well. But indoor access to the statue isn't expected to start back up. Yet it appears masks or face coverings will be encouraged on the island but not required. They will be required on the ferries taking visitors there. James Flippen w o R D of black lives MATTER. Mural in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue was defaced on Monday and has since been repainted. Come, say an unidentified man walked up to the mural and poured red paint over the avian lives, which changed the word then to lies. In the incident, which was caught on cell phone video shortly past the noon hour He's seen wearing a black shirt and black hat and after dumping the paint, he ran around the corner, heading down 56th Street. The son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is launching an exploratory campaign for a California Senate seat. Dean Yukio is more Cooper Hefner took to Twitter to announce his run for California's 30th District, which includes Los Angeles County where the Playboy mansion he grew up in his locating, the 28 year old Democrat told CNN he plans on addressing the climate crisis and police reform. If elected, he says, the time is now for a new individual to step forward with new ideas and he would be doing this if he didn't think. He could win and make a difference. The mutual NBC News Rania drug makers are getting ready to churn out vials of Corona fighters vaccines. Drug makers are already starting to manufacturer shots that are undergoing tests, even if it's unclear right now if they'll be effective. Health officials are hoping to Santo 300 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year. Jacking W R Sports It looks like former Yankee slugger A Rod and his fiance, superstar Jennifer Lopez, are still in the running to buy the Mets. Here's Lisa G R Reports is a Rod and J. Lo's offer was in the ballpark of $2 billion similar to the offer made by hedge fund manager Steve Cone. The New York Post reports. Current Mets owner Jeff Wilpon would prefer to sell the team to a Rod and J. Lo Apparently, Cohen agreed to buy the team for $2.6 billion back in the fall. But the deal fell through when he said he wanted a media control of the team. I'm Lisa G W O R.

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