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Include a scenario for closing the strait of Hormuz which is a vital Choke point at the mouth of the Persian, Gulf who which a dozen or. More oil tankers pass each day Iran is conducting exercises like this in the past but never at this time year Iran. Has been a furious over President Trump's decision to pull out of an international nuclear deal and impose sanctions on Tehran the president recently said he'd be willing to hold, talks with the rainy leaders without preconditions owners of a meat processing. Plant in commerce and its parent company of pleaded guilty to falsely claiming its products had been inspected according to prosecutors the company, had been selling beef pork and poultry products to grocery chains in southern California with the official USDA Mark on them but they were never properly inspected after a recall by the feds over. Concerns about the potential health hazards associated with the illegally branded meets close to one million pounds. Will recovered and destroyed the company is facing a one million dollar fine, and five years probation While its owner and his wife are facing two years probation and a combined twenty. Five thousand dollar fine Margaret Cho arrow KNX ten seventy NewsRadio twenty on Time for, a. Look at your money. We say good morning to Frank Motech thank you good morning big day for apple the stock has hit record highs touched two seven oh five and. Apple now the first. Publicly traded company to hit one trillion dollars in market capitalisation we. See apple stock right now five dollars thirty eight cents at two oh six eighty eight that's helping propel the. NASDAQ higher that's up Eighty-three points right now the Dow is. Lower by twenty five and the s&p five hundred twelve points. Concerns. About the US and China locking horns on trade again has been. Weighing the Dow lower, we see new reading from the national federation of independent business Justin there's. A record high number. Of unfilled job openings and small businesses according to that report looks like the job openings are most frequent in construction manufacturing wholesale trades we're seeing Brooke stone the retailer that made there were sold a tech gadgets filing for. Bankruptcy and the company plans to close its remaining One hundred one mall, stores citing continued deterioration of, retail mall traffic it will continue though to operate its airport ecommerce and wholesale businesses taking a look at the price of oil. Right now it is gonna pop today. Of a..

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