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It happened around four this afternoon in the fourteen thousand block of south west thirtieth street officials talk Aus, a news strong winds forced to cruise to fight the blaze from the outside that we're no humans or animals in the barn at the time of the fire damage estimate and. Ause remain under investigation, which top police. Need your help in finding out who keeps tagging the municipal street bridge across from north high school. The city says the breach has been tagged repeatedly in the past. If you have any information on who is responsible. Call crime stoppers to six seven twenty one eleven the search for Colorado mother that has been missing since thanksgiving has now moved across state lines. Police in twin falls Idaho have joined the investigation of missing Colorado. Mom, Kelsey Berith serving multiple search warrants and processing items related to the case while we don't know exactly what evidence they found. The Idaho location is key because the only signs of Berith after thanksgiving or some text messages and location data putting her cell phone near Gooding, Idaho. An eight hundred mile drive from her home in Colorado. Berith mother lives in lake lead, Idaho about four hundred miles north of Gooding, but it's not clear whether that has any significance in the case. Claudia Cowan Fox News. Rain continues tonight with a low around forty eight cloudy, and colder. Thursday was steady temps in the upper forty s right now in Wichita rain and fifty five degrees s S news now Matthew Harding to listen to K NSS twenty four seven. Download the free radio dot com app. Stephen ten in the morning this.

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