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Every time and the panic in a frenzy get into my car and I drive to hospital for yet another con with no movements so. Midwives saw the hospital where actually making jokes at this stage show you again, sure you're pirates of a wallpaper. No office stage fate new me on I, knew all of them by name so by time I actually delivered baby I knew most of staff at the much added. Tell us. How did you and your partner Balance Work and your infertility journey very actually really really looking no in my own role I can work from how I'm blessed like. And Luckily for me, my boss. She's been extremely supportive and extremely on your son off the process. We need to go through her own sister hot to go through the herself and ended up with twins, so she was quite familiar hardships off infertility, due to her sister gone through similar experience, so she was just very supportive, aunt. Anytime I needed to go off for an appointment. Is Absolutely no problem? I have to work time back or nothing like. I was just just go. It's fine. He'll be back to work on your back to work on throughout my actual cycle I work from home by June the half to. Begin on have injections and perhaps inject myself in the bathroom or She felt it's more appropriate for me to be able to access fridge to storm medication our home rather than our work for everyone to see. I just be less dressed. And perhaps have a better outcome. My partner know. His boss is is very good as well now. He didn't have to come to many appointments of suggests initial test and. Then just to give his sample for fraternisation for embryo transfer, so he really his appointments for minimal. However, he's boss. Foul was very understanding on. He could just Govan. He needed to go. Did the public health system pay for all aspects of your fertility treatments? Yes, they do however as I said the wait list is so long that you I be probably still be wasting to be seen by a public health care and. Probably wouldn't even have child for another ten years. If we're lucky, however like if you go privately, the cost isn't as big in Orleans. The Hall of Cycle Cost Five Thousand Euro. Nobody is not included medication for for your Medication Anaconda Medication and arguments that monthly Max. You have to pay holders and forty four. You're so. It's very affordable, so all we had to pay is five thousand euro for actual idea cycle. and. Hundred forty four paramount, so even if you're cyclist canceled, realistically, all have to do is just buy new education, which is, that's very affordable, hundred forty four and absolutely noten compared to walk. You guys pay in the United States, and and then obviously if your cycle is court short, or if you're transfers council, for whatever reason the additional cost that you have to. To pay is pretty minor I. Think About Thousand Euro Maybe fifteen hundred zero tops so unless you have to do a whole new cycle and even the thought. Lake five thousand. Euro is fairly affordable. The way we look at the is look. We just have to postpone any holidays for a year or two in order to have a child and that's relates. How did infertility change your relationship with your partner? They just got so much close stronger as the corporal. I suppose if you can go through a loss of a child, and she can go through long infertility journey, and you can go through months of Mon. Simone's of trying and years trying for a baby and. Where you know sex thrown into not just a sex with a little were really. It's like Oh, my God relation. Behalf the truth right now if you can go through all the on the disappointments on the hardships on the upsets on the happy moments of all the journey on commodity, order end, and you're still together I, think that pretty much means there for life. I know law couples after you know miscarriage or loss of a baby or anything lake. Usually if you know if they can get through together, they usually split up so for us. It just made really solid family unit at this age. I think we can get through anything on. If in future trousers. What about friends and family did infertility change any of those relationships in relation to family I suppose we just all got. Stronger together closer together. From. Family and the support from. The everybody our siblings are MOMS DADS are granny's everybody really got involved? Everybody was chair for us and worrying about and praying for us, and now a baby is here. He's absolutely adored by everybody unspoilt by everybody even more than I think. If this was natural pregnancy, course, everyone would love him for now. It's just extra special in relation to friends. Some friendships unfortunately didn't survive. You for people they just found is bit too much. If if if you tell somebody or I can't see right now, or if I was down upset over something, not every time I'd want to go out and have a cup of coffee in the friend of mine. So people just took a pair Salihi and then three pursue the friendship orders that eventually found out of the reason why I can't make certain dates are why can go out? For few cocktails or wherever else are nice? Else got extra safar sieve on like our own families. Just absolute cheerleader Spurs I. Know You advocated for Yourself? Your second IBM cycle is self advocacy something you had to learn along way, or is that a skill?.

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