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And then you brought them up in the same brand which made me think of idea for the wheel. How about you in rob the side once and for all who's the better celebrity a variety of aspects you obviously do an MD bag showdown over their social media presence. Kate Winslet of social media. Find some interviews to see which one is the more interesting things to say come up with a point system in which you could award points in a range of issues personal and professional like, maybe even debate. Each other assign a Kate slash k teach one of you and make your case for the one you got then let listen to side. What do you think? Please don't say trash. Also, your podcast is incredible. Keep up the good work. Yes. He's this guy's trying to get on wheel. I like this idea. But I'm not. Super interested in the Kate Blanchett versus Kate Winslet debate. Neither right. I think that this would have been mildly interesting years ago, but knowing over either of them yet, I think there's a lot of Cates. There's a lot of Kate's that are that are hammering both these what if there is like if this was the early nineties, and we did like Pacino versus the Niro like if there was a version of that for right now, I would be all for that. I think I'd like the idea of like if we one of us had to watch like, they're they're late night interviews as homework, and then we did I d bags like head to head on the air. So I really liked the idea of active Ursa, some sort of activists actor actress actress were activists actress. But I think we need better names. Right. Are we in agreement here? Yeah. I think so we need like a whole week of listener submitted this person or this person this person this person. Yes. A lot of homework. We need listeners to send us brand steal ideas. We need listeners to send us. Hypothetical ideas, if they had fun questions for people Oreo flavors, don't send those, and then we need listeners to send us reboot ideas. And now. Like what's good actor verse actor matchup that people could care about? Because if we put Cate Blanchett verse Kate Winslet in the title episode. I feel like people are just the leading that straight off Dili right off my my my phone if that's what came up on. Okay. So what's going on the wheel right now? I so that I think I'm gonna put in the waiting room the activists actor, and now the only thing we put on the star was we twelve and reboot camp is going into the wheel waiting room the waiting room and so's activists. Those who were in the wheel rate and room waiting room was getting Luke it. Okay. Maybe next week when we have some time we could we could put some things in maybe knock them off the waiting room a couple season three upset seven ideas quickly. And then we'll spend the wheel. Season three seven of Gilligan's island from Suzanne. Okay. Yeah. I mean, they're saying like it's possible right now you have to watch your fine with that. Okay. That's why I it's. Conic we can wrap our beloved. I don't think anybody should be like Gilligan's island is my favorite show. And now you guys like I'm giving you a one star review because you guys and by the way, we might like Thailand, I remember liking it if anybody that Gilligan's island is their favourite show in twenty eight teen. They're not listening to a podcast. Okay. They don't know. What a podcast is Menachem Zomba. Right. Probably probably okay. Another season season. Three upset seven idea from Kyle is killing island streaming anywhere. We're gonna have to the problem is we're gonna we're gonna you could also add it now to the the ping pong the fishbowl on a ping pong ball. But I the problem is we may pick out of show, and it's gonna be hard to find like I can find shows, but like your computers, Mike, viruses, just a warrant. Rips at seven of Kyle's favorite show is not Gilgen Xilin. It's boy meets world. This is the twenty fifth anniversary of the chauffeur's airing in the seven and Sean get a gender fired..

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