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So thanks once again for joining us. Thank you awesome. So likely always do in each and every episode I'd like to ask you, what is your favorite inspirational court, and how do you apply it in your life? L it changes from day to day. But one that I've been pondering this week is the best state of plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best day is today. So if you, you know, of course, if you're planted an apple TV twenty years ago, you'll be eating apples. But if you didn't and the second best time to do it as just a moment, you realize that route and the way that I applied that is that I am making a conscious effort to start each day. Think of each day as a gift as a new beginning and do my best each day. So that we can make tomorrow a little bit better. And if I'm not around for that better tomorrow, it'll be, you know, our our children, and grandchildren, and the people that inherit the planet from us more of a thanks a lot for sharing that code. It's one of my favorites as well actually drive. No matter what goals are plans you've made. Maybe it was two years back affiars bagging for some reason or the other you didn't follow through or something happened to you. Remember that it's not afford for somebody's another things did not happen and you'll hear and you the fact that you hear it means that you have survived. Now's the time to plant. Seed so that you can start your brand new tomorrow, and you go. About that age is that the score will never be worse than one zero. Right. If even if you screwed up yesterday, so is one two zero you're losing. But now, we cleared the chessboard again, and we start all over again. It's a new game every day. Absolutely. Did you game every day? And with that, let's begin. Fungus your doctor of internal medicine, right? So what does that involve internal medicine? I think is the most fascinating branch of medicine, and, you know, the philosophers and thinkers, and the poets and the analytical people and the detectives go into internal medicine and stay in until medicine because we're the ones that use our heads to make a diagnosis and in order to make that right diagnosis, you need to have knowledge of the whole body and treat the person as a whole person rather than relying on tests and procedures we actually use our head to arrive at at least a working back notice. And then we can get specialists to help us out to confirm what we already talked to be the case. And as a result, I have the privilege of meeting with people that will tell me the deepest darkest secrets of theirs that they don't share with anyone in to form relationships over many many years in decades. And I so grateful for the work that I have chosen to do. Literally. I mean out of all the relationships that are there. I think patient doctor relationship is one of the most sacred rights, and the fact that Dr spent so many years to get to where they are. It takes a lot of time as well as I'm sure energy and challenges. So what made you want to become a doctor? Did you always want to be one? Well, I had an uncle who was a doctor, and you know, my brother, and I thought that he was really cool. And but anyway, as a kid, you fantasize about things more from just the physical appearance of things only gets to wear white coat and everybody says, oh, Dr Saab is here. You know, judge Sabas respectable way of addressing someone in back home in India. And that's all we knew in the psych. Okay. He gets to go in and he makes people better in this smile and everybody loves him in the little town that we lived in..

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