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Threatened. You. The suspect. They arrested today. Jackson, Cosco note, Costco, not cost co twenty seven years old. He's been charged with these crimes making public your personal information witness tampering threats and interstate communications unauthorized access of a government, computer. Identity theft second degree, burglary and unlawful entry. So who is this guy? He. Most recently worked for Sheila jackson-lee democrat, Houston, Texas. There's conflicting reports if you read the Houston chronicle. It was initially reported that he worked for Sheila jackson-lee, the Houston chronicle, of course, doing the bidding of Sheila jackson-lee says that he's only an enter which is interesting because he's also worked as a legislative correspondent for Senator Maggie Hassan democrat in New Hampshire. He was a press assistant for Senator Barbara Boxer. And on linked in. He describes himself as a democratic political professional. Sheila jackson-lee is trying to distance himself herself as quickly as she can't. Well, he may have been in my office. But he was just an intern. Seems to me the Houston chronicle would like to dig into that. And find out. Well, was he working for you until it was discovered that he was the suspect? And suddenly, you changed him from an employee to an intern is the a paid intern using an unpaid intern exactly what.

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