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You want near area. True price truecar new or used. So the Rams will not play Todd Gurley in the preseason, and they may hold Jared Goff their quarterback out. And by the way in Atlanta Julio Jones, not playing and drew Brees and Big Ben, not playing Aaron Rodgers, not playing much. And now finally, the smart people in the NFL or realizing what is the point of playing Jared Goff and Todd Gurley. Okay, they have these things in the NFL. There's no reason for the preseason. They have these things in the NFL called joint practices. Bill O'Brien had one a couple of days ago. He said, yeah, we just ran about one hundred and fifty plays in two days in one hundred degree heat, and that's pretty good work in joint practices. Here's a kind of a crazy thing. Nobody hits your quarterback in joint practices because you're just playing one team and it's not televised. Coaches are willing to do all sorts of exotic packages. They won't televise during the preseason. So you actually, I could argue, get more work done and nobody gets hit, you know, like your quarterback, it amazing to me. There's five things in sports that I just don't get that. If you were dropped on this planet out of a spaceship and introduced a sports, here's the five things that make no sense. Number one, the NFL preseason for the record. We're just eight days away from Notre Dame facing Michigan nineteen year olds. No, preseason no joint practice. Masset practice limitations, multiple teenagers, and they'll do just fine. What is the point of the preseason last night? Cleveland, Philly. Three guys got hurt San Francisco. Five guys got hurt, Minnesota. Had six guys get hurt. What are we doing here? They're called joint practices. You have grown men, veterans, Twenty-eight college. Football doesn't have it with teenagers. And when Auburn plays Washington in eight days in Notre Dame plays Michigan in eight or nine days and those games mean more because if you go all in one in college football, it can ruin your season. It can Upendra season. What are we doing with preseason? What are we doing? Finally guys in this league breeze, Ben Rogers Goff to get them out of there. No reason to play. Here's number two major league baseball hundred sixty two games, an utter marathon, and then the playoffs start with a one game playoff. Why? So the whole thing about baseball is a marathon. And then when the game really counts, it's a forty yard dash. So I- prove all year I'm superior to you. And then because pitching matchups I have to win a game late in the season to get in. I have to use a number two or three starter. You get your ace and you beat me even though what major league baseball. First of all your seasons, too long. It should be one hundred and twenty games max. But Secondly, how one hundred sixty two games, many that don't matter. And when they finally do, it's a one game playoff. I would be much more comfortable with a one game basketball, playoff. We do that in college. I would be okay with one game football playoffs. But in baseball baseball's not a one game sport. One game doesn't mean anything you've had literally. They used to send a major league baseball star team overseas to play in tournaments, and they would lose to Japanese all star team and they're not as good as our all star team..

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