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Motorcycle crash i'm rose see over there live from the 24hour kfi newsroom in la pd officer had been killed in an offduty motorcycle crash in puerto ranch police say officer john ghost bari and tried to stop his bike when the driver of a honda sedan made a uturn in front of him on tampa avenue lapd captain andrew diamond says gaspari and had a wife and young daughter shocking as it would be for anybody who lost a loved one and that's what we have here we are no different than a family detective say the driver state at the scene last night and was very distraught kasparov and had been assigned to the valley traffic division as an investigator and was hoping to become a motorcycle officer from van isaiah rick leonard kfi news businesses around playa del rey say they're starving on alleys road diet the lex chamber of commerce is ask handsome and mike gone into reverse not all lane reductions group president christian christina davis says some businesses have lost tens of thousands of dollars of article one i really affect the lower priority says she says the traffic jams could stop other businesses from opening in playa del rain a man shot by a police officer in huntington beach has died police were called yesterday morning to a 7eleven store on ed injure avenue officer angela bennett says an officer approached a man outside the store and altercation ensued between officer and a subject in an officerinvolved shooting occurred video recorded by a by standard shows what looks like the man trying to grab something off the officers belt the officer then backs up and fired several shots the man died at the hospital you can see the video on our website at kfi am 640 dot com company in silicon valley is about to start handing out cash every month why combinator will be giving up.

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