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Followed by a favorite book ready. All right. What's the best way to improve healthcare outcomes? I say assume that you don't have all the answers there's really deep wisdom in Unity's. In patients at told me social tremendous for them are just an abstract concept or new terms of the sector or their lips realities. What's the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid? I would say that. There are ways to take existing work in build upon them in bridge. Cross them rather than a steaming that all innovation has to be brand new out of the box or that we have to be stuck in the past seen amazing things happen when people look at or grams pilots haven't placed already in just think about how it can be tweaked and customized app or a different Shannon, different frontier of health care. How do you stay relevant despite constant change? The biggest thing I would say is to listen. There are so many at changing Hartson pieces of health care. I think that it can feel really overwhelming. At times. But I found that in organizations that really take the time to check in with their employees with their communities of patients with partners that they're working on a variety of fronts and think about what it may look like to really kind of envision health together. Even that sounds kind of abstract in pie in the sky. There are ways to do that that are truly with an ice words improvement practice and making things more efficient in strategic, and so you just listening in holding that its own space can be huge. What's one area of focus that drives everything in your organization? Fair organization when they were really focused on the democracy, Clarita, desperate. Shop of is. You know, thinking about what are shooting worth is rates of what is the ultimate out from vision for healthcare incur network with our health systems.

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