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In a way that is considered robust and we are absolutely clear but if the situation is not resolved quickly that will be serious consequences they run media any run allege the tanker was involved in an accident within a running and fishing boat and that authorities are carrying out an investigation of a second British tanker was ported but allowed to go the seizure comes amid tensions following the British Caesar in Gibraltar of an Iranian tanker suspected of smuggling oil to Syria and violation of European Union sanctions the end of laci P. opens its national convention today and Detroit Clinton Quinn Klinefelter of member station W. D. ET reports a convention is drawing thousands of attendees as a very high profile political figures about ten thousand people are expected to attend the gathering that includes house speaker Nancy Pelosi and most of the contenders for the democratic presidential nomination who will participate in a candidates forum and double ACP national president Derrick Johnson says it's important for convention delegates to hear first hand how those seeking the White House intend to help black voters we don't do this at a popularity contest thank you the individual who's the boss charismatic all the best speaker but the individual who can truly address some of the issues that confront our communities every day Johnson says attendees one candidates to discuss among other things how they will bridge racial and economic divides and strengthen social safety nets for older Americans for NPR news I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit today marks fifty years since human beings first visited the moon impairs Jeff Brumfield looks back at the Apollo eleven mission astronauts Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin road in their tiny lunar module down to the moon's surface category.

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