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One day to picking a running back they are going to be highly sought after in both dynasty and redraft format Josh you have courtland. So you've talked about Josh jacobs and all three leagues courtland sutton in all three of your dynasty leagues in the f. fcc well this is another guy coming off with torn ligaments in his knee. How confident are you in a bounce back season. Have you been shopping him. And all the same way you could get her. Are you going to see what's going to happen first before you think about moving. Well yeah like you said. It's got them all over the place and that injury last year Yeah that's really kinda that hurts a little bit He was starting to kind of come into his own and everything seems like he's on track to come back healthy He has jerry jeudy on the other side. noah fant. You talked a little bit earlier in the show. About melvin gordon So the weapons are there to kind of spread it around Big question is drew lock. Is he going to be the quarterback for denver. Or are they gonna find someone Personally i don't think lock is the answer. So courtland right now. Until he can show that he's healthy and maybe gets off to good starts whereas value might go up a little bit I'm going to be holding onto him. But right now courtland sutton and jerry jeudy. I have about the same. I m real close in value And really the only only difference. I like sutton more this year But jerry jeudy beans three years younger More time and i don't think there's a better runner than judy. But something is the bigger more physical receiver. So it's going to depend on the quarterback that they they get throwing the balls on which one's going to be Getting the most targets. I think i'm so glad to hear you. Say that about being a route runner jerry. Jeudy i told someone the other day that jerry jeudy was fred. Belinda cough with Steve and they asked me. Nicole was no one i know. It's just it's i won't be talking to that person for a while no one Has to ask who jamaal williams is. I look forward in future to having baulky hang out at the senior bowl sometime in. Meet these players when they're when they're coming out of school but Jamal was just as a use of explosive personality and then people just fell foreing immediately. And he's kind of player that you want to root for now. I think he is in a situation to really pay dividends. Thank excellent Pairing with the quarterback In this passing game but the players that you've mentioned early the andre swift Are we can't for say Sort of a marking room. Alvin kamara situation developing in detroit. The are you hiring these players. Steve you know does how does williams affect your thoughts of swift. I like that comparison with ingram and kamara. I hadn't thought about it like that. But being a packer. Fan being from wisconsin. You know having seen jamaal williams and his personality. I you're right it. I was really thinking it was gonna be aj dylan and they were gonna sign williams back in green bay and let jones go so when they signed jones kind of saw the writing on the wall. So detroit's got themselves a great back and jamaal williams. I don't think is going to be anymore Than what he was with the packers Fantasy wise real real wise. it's a great great signing But the thing is jamal williams. She picks up the pass rush. Really well is a good catcher. So as long as peterson and kerryon johnson and then those guys come back..

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