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From abc news i'm michelle franzen president trump at camp david saturday answered questions at a retreat with gop leaders and fired back against fire and fury author michael wolff who's taken aim at the trump white house the president calling the book a work of fiction abc's david wright has more president of the united states is lambasting this book and tweets and now in a press conference at camp david calling the author of fraud calling the book a piece of fiction by here's the sky that does not know me doesn't obiero by the way did not interviewed me for three city interviewed me for three hours in the white house it didn't exist okay it's and his imagination bottom line that's publicity beyond any authors wildest dreams president trump also says he supports upcoming talks between south and north korea i hope it works out i very much want to see at work out between the two countries i'd like to see them getting involved in the olympics and may be things go from there so i'm behind that one hundred percent a third is underway in waters off of china for nearly three dozen missing crew members of a tanker ship thirtytwo members of an iranian oil tanker are missing after it collided with the bulk freighter and caught fire off of china's eastern coast chinese officials say the collision caused the tanker to spill oil and burn but was still afloat of the thirty two crewmembers thirty of them were a rainy and and to bangladeshi all twenty one members of the chinese freighter ship were rescued it's not clear what caused the collision mark remillard abc news in paris today marks the third anniversary of the terror attacks on the offices of charlie hebdo magazine and a kosher market in paris were sue french president emmanuel maccarone laying a wreath at the former side of the magazine offices and names of the twelve killed in the attack or red powerball has a.

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