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Came four between the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Montreal Canadians feature off counters back off right wing crows it run off of a defender and handle the Montreal man. Tonight's game is brought to you by Discover Card. We believe a better tomorrow as possible for everyone discover something brighter. Now live from the Bell Center in Montreal. Here are John Colours and Joe Micheletti. In a place steeped in history, where the National Hockey League is concerned some historical opportunities tonight. The Tampa Bay Lightning with a three games to none lead in the Stanley Cup final over the Montreal Canadians as Joe Micheletti and John Ahlers join you tonight here from the Bell Center. Canadians have trailed in the Stanley Cup final Joe only one time before this, it goes back to 1952, a series in which they never lead and would ultimately be swept by the Detroit Red Wings. But it has been that long since they have found themselves in this position in a Stanley Cup final. It has not dimmed the hopes of 3500 or so as we're thinking here, tell, waving, screaming and Light, saber waving fans at Bell Center, but it is a very, very steep hill that they're Canadians must climb, however, when Dominique Ducharme and the coaching staff from Montreal, look at it, That's not how they're approaching. It isn't well, it's not because they've been so they've been through so much as a team, uh, that they just feel that they can overcome. Any type of obstacle, and that's the approach they are taking to this game. They're not looking at this as well. We have to win four. They're looking at this is let's win a game and then let's win one more. And let's try to take it that way. Business like Don't get too overly emotional state lose. Um, they had fun at practice yesterday. They worked on special teams, so it's an attitude that They've used.

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