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Yeah the glass right now your soul mate I am married to your soul mate because she made her list and you know was on our list rescue me yeah it's a case right now is sitting over there give the kids pancakes with a huge grin and it's not that you buddy yeah great show and I got to say you want to talk about a show that holds up dude I've been watching it again but one thing that struck me is there is no way they would get away with the subject matter they were messing around with some natural man sexes but they're all great sure everybody if you haven't watched it is the really the really remains the only show to this day that took on nine eleven in New York City yeah yeah I can't I don't watch that show me the adventure shows to watch all body just supporting firefighters right yes of course they do what you guys made about nine eleven it's about New York City right after nine the two sides I think I did watch it well but I mean you will very much there's there's a lot of dark humor there's a lot the door so I mean they they riff openly like a treat they treat the sadness and tragedy with dark humor like I said like truly like a mix of like guys in New York do you know yeah and the thing about the show that so great I mean there's a lot of things but the thing is Leary's Denis Leary's cousin in real life as a firefighter in Worcester mass who perished in a fire he he he died in a blaze so Leary had a lot of experience hanging around the fire house so he drew a lot of real stories from his experiences with this cousin in Worcester and put them in the show the last of you see in the chart and it is rumored incredibly dysfunctional families yeah yeah but treated with humor and I'm in and there's alcoholism galore in yes anyway great one poly what's not right but it finally dude finally this is a show on now we're going to a different era now I'm gonna go back to my childhood because then I would just make me think of my dad because my dad used to watch the show man about just the groove you talk about a soul and funk running through the main vein who wants to go to when you need some funk some gruesome soul Quincy Jones on it would drop the needle on.

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