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Medicare prescriptions with Walgreens and see how much you could save today It's 7 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s here back to Jack in the traffic center All right that's a little update now in Virginia We'll start on 95 going south as you leave Springfield according to drivers at this point all traffic being taken off of 95 southbound at the fairfax county Parkway V dot is at this point attempting to have no traffic on the interstate going southbound where we have our closure continuing between garrisonville road and the centerport Parkway been closed since yesterday afternoon 95 northbound you're off and on closures between ladysmith and Quantico Basically between mile points one ten and one 18 then again from mile post one 43 headed toward one 48 on that stretch toward one 48 in Quantico single file right will get you by what's one of many truck accidents single file right gets passed Now you will find the rest of the ride north into Springfield okay but if you do not have to be on 95 or route one anywhere in this stretch of the southern half please let crews continue to do their work Many roadways especially throughout Maryland we're dealing with less than plowed if you will so it's not clear roadways You've still got slushy buildups that are frozen We'd had some activity earlier in the district broken down salt truck north D.C. two 95 after Pennsylvania avenue Last scene it had been in the right lane blocking Now be very cautious as you ride in Maryland inner loop as you head toward college park after university boulevard in the second lane from the left We've got a crash It's a little bit of an unexpected delay Heavy traffic remains topside out of just trying to get from 95 over toward George avenue If this is one of these mornings that you can put off any kind of travel or potentially stay at home and do your work from home great second morning to do that We're still in pretty good shape between the beltways on 95 and the BW Parkway earlier had one broken down in Bowie on 50 west out near freeway airport had been along the far right side of the roadway Issues on the rails this morning Mark Penn line trained four 13 was canceled You'll be handled by train 5 17 metro's yellow and green line train service has been restored from some earlier fire department activity at lafont Plaza You can expect residual delays Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red Jack Taylor TOP traffic And here stormed in fours Mike's inferred Temperatures fell well below freezing overnight It is an icy morning and do watch out for icy conditions on roads inside walks Good deal sunshine today but it's going to be chilling 35 to 40 hours for a high overnight skies will cloud up blows mid 20s to lower 30s A good deal of cloud cover on Wednesday a bit more high 45 to 50.

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