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The Laura Easter morning. Four eastern high school principal holds office. I'm sorry he doesn't take calls before tens of please try back then bridget. Oh Good morning principal halt. We're having an issue with the Wi fi. You need to address it with our friend. John Again came in here. Haven't fixed this and give him one week detention mentioned. Don't you think that's something. The principal should do no. I don't like dealing directly with Children Jonah Fisher report to the office. John Fisher House husband. Getting better ex-husband. As of a month ago. And if you mean as he cleaned then yes he's been in Rehab for three weeks now but we don't get to hear from him much. I just got bovine. Hello spend your social security number eight founding Franco Johnno. You scared me. I can trace that for you if you want. Our wife is down. Let Me Guess Mr Hall told you to ask me to fix it and give me one week detention Chano. You're obviously very talented. Can you please stop experimenting renting on the school and go get a job at apple. Or here's the deal. I'll fix the wife fund. If you let me off detention again you have to do detention and I have email your parents wait. There's another one. Maybe you can trace this. Hello Sarah Parker from Baker Seattle. Hi yes I'm sorry Jonah. Now Google baby crying I yes. I'm so sorry I spoke to someone about this the other day. I'm just I'm here with my child. Google baby crying sounds okay hold hold on. I'm just I'm here with my baby. I'm sorry can you hear me. It's really it's really. Yes you'RE GONNA have to speak up. Tell me when we can expect that payment you know I know I thought my husband paid it. Maybe just won't hold you sent the payment. Yes no I thought he did. I'm sorry my daughter's college today and I have been really attractive. Can you send the payment. Today we'll have to start procedures for clues you. I know my husband would kill me. I will do today but if you do it today. I can square this away from him a promise and and take care of that baby. Yes I I'm on it thank you. Wow Wow I'm a little behind on some payments. Please don't tell anyone I did this. Take me off detention. Fine deal and you won't email my parents parents. I said fine. Get your state. Nine hundred downtown Seattle gays. Aren't you excited. Fifteen years ago today was the best day of my life. I became imam to the most amazing girl ever born. And now here. We are headed to the coolest restaurant down to celebrate Maki Say something stopped surfing shouting and always sending them to John L. at one John of Charlotte stops tapping your brother today. The weather in Seattle is mild Out today sixty three degrees. Thank you the Mary digital assistant by Meridian always listening everywhere. Hello I'm here called out for service. If it's particularly injury yes finally thank you. Something is wrong with my phone. I keep getting these robocalls. Okay many think of your account. Change Your Password this morning. I didn't change my password. Is it possible someone you know could have updated your account no guys you. Don't use my phone today. Did you know no. I want the fraud department seriously. Free gotTa Be Kidding Me Go Mickey tasteless spray. Fill up on the bread. It's free three. Come on not again. Oh wait it's Idaho. It might be dad is it. Hello let me go somewhere where it's quiet Hello can you hear me now garage. uh-huh yes from Idaho foes is who is everything. Okay God is Dan okay Can you hear me said is Dan okay acid on put him on the phone. I mean we hear his voice. Please put it on the phone along with of Savona Video de interview. Fogel rest cloudy low. They won't without full now. Twelve thousand dollars by our house. Awesome Pool Reservoir. The Laura Hello you have reached destinies ask breath dealing with addiction. Why will no one aunt Sir does dot com be okay? That's what I'm trying to find out. Call destiny's sneeze path Cheese Clark Anita Catching Idaho call these path so sorry Bryce oh my God. Finally this bridget Landry I'm I'm calling about my ex husband Dan. I'm trying to find out what hospital he's down there. Yes please put someone on the phone who knows what's going on with Jesus. Jesus Christ Britain just yes. It's down okay. I'm on my way. What do you mean he's in? The hospital is ranked here. I hold on rich Dan. Oh my God are you okay. You GotTa thank God. They called me it definitely. They said that you said you were Nice. Oh you rich in cold here. Talk to I talked to a woman from Idaho. She how did you go to dollars. And and and and you couldn't talk you. Were is the intensity chairs and you were working and we were out for the I should. I thought I thought you were dying. Sirens the background for Christ to just your name. We were in what have you I WANNA I. They can't wait for the next episode of mother. Hacker you can listen to the entire season right now for free only on spotify mother hacker the created by Sandy Parkas and amendments starring Carey. COON Maccabi Bar Cats Alan Cumming topic. Evanston Lucas Hedges Katrina Lenk. Think and Pedro Pascal on a piece written by Sandy Farkas directed by Amanda. Amanda Lipids Executive Producer Mimi. Donald Carrie coon Amanda Lipids and Sandy Farkas senior producer. Katie Pass store producer. Jasmin Romero associate associate producer. Daniel.

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