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For the kind of care. You need even speak up. Yeah, yeah. Now that's very important. So the PSAs now. These are tomatillos going to be running on radio stations, will have some here having here for you all to hear as well. A couple of deal with flew a couple of deal with vaccination. So, you know, the Hot Topic now. It should black people. Take this. Let's start with a phone. Right now, obviously your doctor you're not an anti vaxxer but but talk to people a lot of our people, man. I was just talking to somebody today on nervous about these vaccines, right? I think that they black black people have a justifiable, paranoia about black sayings. I think most of what we've seen wage is always a cultural lag. Twenty years later you start to some stuff about the ski and we don't see any other options. And there's no question about the reality of the that we've been used as guinea pigs. I think, right now, though, the vaccine system, someone bigger different in the sense that research has to be calibrated the number of different parameters before any drug is released to the public. So there's a much better system of giving people, vaccines and say it affected however, long We have done a number of projects. I was chair of the national medical social project impact. You don't have enough African-Americans a wonderful child say, clearly that these these vaccines are these drugs are safe and effective for black people. But we do know that the British is a very, very generous of figure before you bought a program. Now let's talk about regular vaccines and why we chose the type of thing. We did choose Lena vaccines have been around for fifty years smallpox, or say you put two years off. Last is a small part was diagnosed in Africa, Bishop. So even though it had affected vaccine against smallpox, it's still existed as a disease across the world until this year. If we look at the race organization in this country, amazes and love for Bella and the like fourteen different in the Central African Americans United's pilots. And when we have a break As we often do you get measles in Mom's B classes in the, like, we're usually right in the middle of those breakouts because we, we have such lower rates of vaccination. Now, I'm going to get away with that is because everybody else around us is vaccinated. And so, if everybody else is around us is vaccinated, then we have a very much better shape if we don't get vaccinated, we're not likely to encounter the music. And so that's what they call her immunity. But you almost have to have 80% vaccinations to get hurt immunity. So let's look at where we are now going to buy something. It's always been important to get the flu shot. If you look at the number of people died from the flu certainly it's it's it's well as the 56th and it's disproportionate because we're less likely to get the flu shot. And so those for me that's always going to struggle for us and for me, as a pediatrician is analogous, it really been dead. Use a communicator. I have been really working with the community to get the trust to be better. So that when I say something about it, they just people just think about it. And but I am, I reverse mortgage a lot of lot of Health Resources talking about that across the country. All right, so let's just talk about the group. All right. So clearly we're dying those that do that before this person's life right now. We have the coronavirus, the symptoms as they presented a very similar to the blue. So if you come to me. I got this done, the other, I don't know what he best food or what he's got going about this and and being able to make that distinction is critical for your morbidity and you know sit through our home and you're getting a flu shot, at least eliminates from the mix the possibility that this is flu. And these symptoms are dead. So, let's talk about the coronavirus and why we're doing this. I believe that that African Americans have the right to make a decision about a vaccine any way they want em. I just hope that they have the most immediate relations, the difference between this particular pandemic, is that, if you do not get a vaccine protocol of ours, I'm not likely to encounter it as much as other people will be vaccinated, but you're just a tryst same list for morbidity and mortality. As you would be if you did, if you if you get if you didn't get the boxes as you are right now, I mean so you can't go to the desk concert Stone Soul picnic basket. Ball game any place where people gather cuz they're going to be some people, they're just like you who are not vaccinated who been have promoted bars and you just and your name. Going to get it in one of those venues. And the only thing that's changed is that you got to take me longer to get it. Once you get it, you're dead. People have a big problem but maybe it was later found and many people three thousand a now dying over 100,000 intensive care units, over fourteen million. And so for this for this is different, this is just different. Even able to program in any kind of theory you want and you're describing better. I'm a person who believes that you should make your own decisions about hypocritical here, but you've gotten away with not getting measles mumps, rubella and the traditional vaccine because everybody else is fast food. But that's not true, North Moore m, i p after this message. Remy Martin joins with International music, star usher in Team Up For Excellence. The film exploring, the history of music culture, and cognac from blue jersey. Hip-hop swing dancing to break dancing Usher and Remy Martin traveled through the decades and France in the u.s. honoring cultural figures. Both rooted in a shared philosophy of aiming for the Stars, see the song A Team Up For Excellence., Remy Martin Cognac. 40% alcohol by volume imported by Remy, Cointreau USA. New York, New York, please drink responsibly The Beatles caused begins to enter into manic States, literally, they took acid by accident and changed the course of popular music forever as a result from Amazon music season. 8 of disgraceland is here. So is the conclusion of the insane stories about John Paul. George and Ringo disgraceland, is an award-winning music and True Crime podcast about musicians, getting away with murder and behaving very badly. Follow disgraced land on Amazon, so you don't miss any True Crime. Antics. Now, only on Amazon music, Doctor the north. That's interesting. So you it folks, we just heard the definition. I've heard of Munich, the real definition, from a clinician, not the definition, the Donald Trump uses, which is not, he where he says, is not clinical, you know, he is clinical definition, he's not clinical at all. He wants to kill all three. Yeah. Right. That's really not wage, right? So that's interesting. So when when, when the others have you met some good points? I just want to make that, when when others have vaccination off, then some in some ways, those of us who don't have those vaccinations are protected. But when it comes to the flute because of the similarities between the flu and cold it off, you're recommending that people get the flu shot so that at least you can rule out.

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