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You for free. So kind of not actually a store, but for the purposes of this, I am calling it an online store. So at the online store you can download. Muller script introduction to volume one with a ton of footnotes, you can download the persona EP three instrumental tracks that are going to be kind of some of the main themes in the score of persona and persona. The fiction podcast is gonNA be based on the serial novel Cy, which I am also writing. So I'm making this alternate reality game and this novel and this fiction podcast kind of all at the same time. And the first part of that very large project that I am doing entirely. Solo. is going to be out sometime in September or October. Barring unforeseen circumstances. I'm GonNa be releasing things on Steven Universe schedule for anybody who's a fan of Steven Universe that's going to be like a couple of episodes like like probably like twenty to thirty minutes of content plus some like. Deeply interactive stuff I'll be releasing that. Material Approximately Like whenever Kinda. Stephen bomb schedule. and. You can find the very beginnings the first stages of all three of these.

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