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Jose human nursing home deaths recovery continues i'm jim asuncion six residents are now confirmed dead and several others are critical after a power failure knocked out air conditioning at a nursing home in hollywood florida lee shift police chief tomas sanchez said it happened at the rehabilitation center this morning labor this time there may be related to the loss of power in the form or conduct their criminal investigation are ruling anything out three deaths happened that the facility three others died after being taken to a nearby hospital on the french dutch caribbean island of saintmartin correspondent zero von yeah he says there's eighty percent destruction on the dutch side 65 percent on the french side he says that spells financial disaster for the upcoming high season for tourism the economy is eighty ninety percent dependent on horse and that is a story on the caribbean as a whole not just say when you see this you know that their high season and then wiped out after heavy in what he calls are productive conversation about tax reform with president trump west virginia democratic senator joe manchin says it's going to take a bipartisan effort to advance the cause this is not what side are you on whose team or you on we're on team america that takes democrats and republicans working together there's a republican effort to dismantle obama a care are bob costantini reports the bill introduced by senator lindsey graham and three other republicans tosses the issues to the states eat would probably need just fifty votes like a previous repeal bill that got only forty nine if you believe repealing and replacing obamacare is a good idea this is your best and only chance the make it happen because everything.

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