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Few can be a part of it tensing de had testified he fired his gun because he feared he was going to be killed as dubos drove away will tenzing's arm was pinned in his car devos families demanding a third trial a north texas medical has identified a body found in landfill as that of fourteen euro kaitlan cargo missing since monday evening becher texas police chief jeff gibson says his department is determined to solver data find the answers that this family and this community deserve a monday caitlyn ask a friend at a dog park to watch her dog for a minute she never returned until maguire no way ones brazil to curb deforestation or it reduce its financial contribution this year since two thousand one way has donated billions to encourage conservation of forests however its prime ministers that norway's more than one billion dollar contribution to the socalled amas and fund is based on results noise president said monday he had vetoed legislation to reduce the size of protected environmental reserves however last week brazil's environment minister announced plans to create the thought of late reggae superstar peter tosh is in a coma after an attack in the new jersey jail and so far no knows at blame the family says it's going to sue and wants the us justice department to find out what happened jawara back atagy has been hospitalized with traumatic brain injuries since he was attacked at the bergen county jail earlier this year it was there every six month sentence for marijuana possession mcintosh was arrested in june of 2013 after police said they found more than three sixty five pounds a pot of the trunk of his car.

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