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In custody in colorado's being looked at for a possible connection to the double murder of two teens in delphi indiana earlier this year indiana state police confirms to abc news at its looking into a possible connection between the arrest of daniel nations in colorado and the murders of abigail williams and liberty german in delphi indiana back in february a spokesperson says nations was booked into jail for weapons possession and is a registered sexoffender indiana state police say nations has a similar appearance to some of the composite sketches of their persons of interest in the case but stressed save received more than a thousand photos of people who have similar appearances to the sketch mark remillard abc news a new york city high school student was killed wednesday during class it was a half hour into third period history when police said an eighteen year old stabbed two classmates in the chest with a switchblade a fifteen year old died every parent's has the right to expect that when that child send their children to school in the morning they will come back a two o'clock schools chancellor carmen farina mayor bill de blasio pledged to use every measure to protect students it's unacceptable to ever lose a child to violence in a school building he said it hasn't happened here in years police said the students had been arguing for two weeks before the fight in class aaron katersky abc news new york federal prosecutors say a pharmacy owner in massachusetts is serving nine years in prison for his role in a meningitis outbreak that killed seventy six people should pay close to seventy four million dollars in restitution this is abc news komo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the fours and the home continue we do have construction happening near dupont southbound i inaugural instructions lanes closed electile five am northbound highway one six seven just south of pacific we have a lean is there until six a m and that may be ah blocking things slowing things down come commute time just like you to yesterday morning and in your rates looks pretty good on the roadways your next report 114 jay.

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