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Trek second. Frito what was your best moments. Can you still the false suffice inches The victory of book show that was unbelievable nominee for the team. And that's nice we really raise aggressive Within this This year so we get some senior stage weenies not so it's not every year real quite nice fitting to two of your worst moments. In the tudor. Phones had stage. When i crashed for show not have an ice to to start the universe. These did so much was. Okay what's more question cushman and we see a big be crushing in. So i was not really annoying for the rest of the unsung euro of the hospital. I think punked benhamou is one of the heroes of the to me up so many days when we didn't see it on the radio he was in front of light for the stage win so i think he's Unclear sunk guile. How many tours you think pogo strachan win that question. Every time we say we saw a new face combing and we say win for five six seven two two phones but so far we say exactly the same phone bill now of these. So he's a young guy. The only thing we know is fake. And maybe years the catch coming on the portal. And all and win the war straightaway. So i think we came on the on the on the time where it's difficult to to estimate khomeini toward the guy can win. Look a sketch team bike. Exchange our best team result stage one when Bowling was second on a very finish worse moment of the to offstage to ten years wars weather. Long climbs emptying the end cold in the middle has. The worst moment was the unsung hero. Would that'd be christian jackson. The strongest man alive every day in the break chasing the brakes helping the team. Just doing everything man. Alive leuchter bridge team bike. Exchange bismah to For me personally was like the volunteer day. When i was in the bryk gonna the top. I lot with The world champion. And i think it was just like was oversee the crowds and go on. I always grew up watching was Really special to the worst moment. The steijn detainees. I was just filthy rattling called super hob into arrest i but it was just. It was horrible unsung hero. I'd have to say my Japanese on your massa. Hase's such a legend just like with japanese military precision gives you'll massage legs and he's just got these little funny quickness about him but Yeah i'd have to sign last year's dasa me. This rice Massa timing kashgar coffee this team she's to a few having new french fans since i'm infringe team we're seeing about the to me. The weather sometimes really terrible state just before the first rest. A wasn't breakaway but At one point. I just froze that. Was it for myself in between the last and the second last group. Petro which is not my usual place but on the day I was dead. And who's the unsung hero. I would say michael moore cough not winning but Always there and preparing the winds forecast which is obviously an easy job. Doing the perfect. Have no idea how these guys would. But he's doing it to perfection and of course there are many other unsung heroes but This would be the first one that comes to mind. That's pederson trek. Second fredo moment of the tour right now. he's over and it's a way to paris. So best moment is now westmont. Worst moment definitely my count crash on stage eight. Hit the dick quite off. And who's the unsung hero of dishes to france. I would like to save feet lipson. You know he did some quite rents. And it's nice to see him Being in mix like walgreen e f education nicole. She's tour de france. I'll probably say yesterday from my personal point of view of being a break. Finally nice other that. I think the way we've been writing for rigo the whole tour onto you. It's like second gmc. But i drive not a right away. We always where they have to be. They're not getting caught by any crashes or crosswind or let people chasing well. So i think that's the best thing far worse partly bad issues to Say go going from second to tenth. And obviously i think he's more disappointed than me but i really want to see him on the podium. In in paris he decided it was with every writing so yeah. It's a shame. Cycling is an. Who's the unsung hero of. She's in european for. Everybody will probably say no like Expected that's like a fellow dane. Same home club kind of raised him..

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