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Be too tough for what president wants a tough resources that i should think we should have even tougher sanctions on on russia as on north korea is on iran in the presence free to add on the sanctions a congress assists overwhelmingly passed no decision announced here had whether president trump signed the sanctions bill which is considered veto proof gop house speaker paul ryan has had to come to the defence of white house chief of staff reince priebus as a power struggle appears to be underway between priebus and new trump communications director anthony scaramucci deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders noncommittal on whether the president has confidence in previous a short time ago if the president doesn't then he'll make that decision we all serve at the pleasure of the president and if he gets a place where that isn't the case to let you know and other embattled member of the trump team attorney general jeff sessions has just told the associated press he intends to stay on the job as long as the president wants him wall street rattled this afternoon is tech shares drop all indices off there record highs although the dow was still up slightly for the day i'm michael toscano here's more the new you'll be talking about on twelve vew t n a and wtma dot com good afternoon i'm sherry bernardi it is 300 to some are just not getting the beat today to carpet talent he accident happened now folly road was called in around twelve thirty this afternoon closing all of folly road lanes headed toward the beach leaving only one lane open northbound that accident happened on folly road near river lynn woods place according to charleston police avoid that area if possible add.

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