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Comfortable. WCBS Baltimore as a serious threat continues to push fall off to our east. We still have general showers thunder overnight and a slight chance for a stray severe storm was damn to hip bring threats overnight lows low sixties and early shower linger Saturday morning, otherwise mostly cloudy, gusty but warm high low seventies see showers taper off Saturday night, mostly cloudy, low low fifties, mostly cloudy Easter Sunday, a chance restore here. They're high low sixties, I'm challenge eighty Sean. Casey, join me each and every Sunday morning at eight AM for the all do rescue health line show where we'll talk about natural solutions to a wide range of health related issues. Dr Jeffrey Shapiro will answer your questions about how the all-natural supplements could benefit you. Listen every Sunday morning eight and begin your journey to a natural and healthy lifestyle. Brought to you by rescue supplements for your heart and health. The all new rescue. Hugh helpline show on talk radio six eighty WCBS. Baltimore equitable insurance. Is that a Baltimore institutions in seventeen ninety four. They provide home owners, renters condo insurance in Maryland and Pennsylvania. You might have seen their firebugs probably displayed on homes around town, and what makes Baltimore equitable, so special is you pay them deposit, and they provide you insurance when you no longer need insurance. They give you all of your money back. You heard right. You get all your money back. Deposits are one hundred percent refundable. You can't beat that..

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