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Cancelation controversy. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. President Trump taking action in the latest feud over the border wall and top democrat calling it vindictive. Another saying has acted like he's in the fifth grade congressman Adam Schiff, one of several Democrats who's planned overseas. Trip was cancelled today last minute, President Trump did nine lawmakers, including house speaker Nancy Pelosi, a military plane bound for Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan. In a statement, the president blaming the ongoing partial government shutdown Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy being speaker of the house and leaving the country shutdown. I don't think that's appropriate. President Trump's move comes after speaker Pelosi called for postponing his state of the union address Sox's Tom Graham, the White House announcing its delegation will not travel to Davos World Economic forum this as another caravan of migrants making its way through what a mama attempting to cross the southern border into the US caravan of Central American migrants. Remains about two thousand strong. They're expected to add members SA cross through the nation of Guatemala there. They'll test their reception at the border with Mexico on route to the US US border patrol says of the seven thousand Central American migrants in the previous convoy back in October as many as half tried to enter the US illegally, others state to work in Mexico and a smaller number returned home to Central America. Fox's Steve Harrigan in Guatemala and arrest made in Maricopa County Arizona an eighteen year old authorities say conspired to help ISIS Maricopa County. Sheriff Paul Penzone says smell Ahmed called nine one one asking to see a deputy in person he made some statements during that call to indicate affiliation. With a tear ideology. Mad met with the deputy and attempted to attack him. He was shot. He.

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